Catherine Zeta-Jones Treated for Bipolar Disorder

Catherine Zeta-Jones, most noted for her films “The Mask of Zorro” and the Oscar-winning “Chicago,” as well as her recent Tony win for her Broadway turn in “A Little Night Music,” recently entered a five-day hospital stint to treat her Bipolar II Disorder.

The acclaimed actress had a grueling year that would send anyone to a well-needed rest. After nursing her cancer-stricken famous husband, Michael Douglas, while his treatment was played out for the world to hear, she also stood by him when his son, Cameron (from a previous marriage), was sent to prison on drug charges. To add insult to injury, Michael is still battling legal entanglements with his first wife, Diandra Douglas, over what she claims is half her stake of his “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” film profits.

Zeta-Jones was specifically treated for Bipolar II Disorder while briefly hospitalized, and is now preparing for an upcoming film, “Playing the Field,” with co-star Gerard Butler.

Other notable celebrities who have Bipolar Disorder:

Carrie Fisher

Fisher has been open in discussing her bipolarity with the public. She also battled drug addiction decades ago that nearly cost her her Hollywood career. She assumed her erratic behaviors were symptomatic of a celebrity lifestyle.

Now a revered screenwriter and playwright, she wrote about her life’s triumphs and tragedies in her self-deprecating 2008 memoir, “Wishful Drinking.” The book has since been turned into a successful Broadway play of the same name, starring Fisher.

Fisher candidly spoke about her issues with bipolar disorder on the Feb. 15 Oprah show, as well as her use of electroshock therapy.

Margot Kidder

Most noted for her feature film portrayal of Lois Lane in the critically acclaimed original “Superman” movie back in 1978, Margot Kidder has battled bipolar disorder since her teens. In 1996, things took a turn for the worse when she was suffering severe manic episodes of chain smoking, coffee drinking, and sleepless nights that led to her delusional behavior. She was found by police when she was wandering aimlessly in public streets in a state of confusion.

Kidder has since managed the mood disorder by choosing a natural medicinal course of treatment. She has had a slow and steady stream of minor acting roles but never rose back to her star status of the late 1970s.

Britney Spears

The pop star threw the world for a loop with a very public breakdown back in 2008, when she provided daily tabloid fodder of outrageous antics and impulsive behaviors. Jaws dropped watching it display on the television: the shaving of her head; her children being taken away and granted sole custody to their father, Kevin Federline; her hookup with a paparazzo… to name just a few incidences on her downward spiral.

Her father stepped up as a conservator of her estate and ultimately saved her career. She has since produced several albums and seems to be back to making catchy dance music.

All in all, it seems the two go hand in hand: esteemed creativity and bipolar disorder.