Catherine Zeta-Jones Could Use Help After Tumultuous Year

COMMENTARY | Earlier this evening I learned on a news blurb that Catherine Zeta-Jones has revealed that she is bipolar. Her PR people confirmed that she recently went into a treatment facility for Bipolar II Disorder.

Bipolar II Disorder used to be known as manic depression. People who suffer from Bipolar II can suffer from extreme high, euphoric moods, or extreme low, depressed or irritable moods. Bipolar II is less severe than Bipolar I Disorder because the high moods never reach a complete manic state. According to Web MD, people with bipolar II can live totally normal lives when they are between their high and low periods.

Zeta-Jones has always been one of my favorite actresses. Not only is she ridiculously beautiful, she and her husband, Michael Douglas, have been together since 2000, which seems like a lifetime compared to the life expectancy of most Hollywood marriages. Douglas is about 25 years Catherine’s senior. They have two children and have stuck together through what seems to be thick and thin.

In 2003, they went up against a stalker in court, testifying about the threatening letters they received from a woman who was obsessed with them. The stalker pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three years in prison.

In 2010, Douglas was taken to court by his ex-wife, who wanted a portion of his earnings for filming the sequel to “Wall Street.” Even though they were divorced, the first “Wall Street” film was very successful and was made during their marriage. Therefore, she felt she was entitled to money from the new film.

Douglas was recently diagnosed with stage IV throat cancer. He was given an 80 percent survival rate, which, while promising, must have been very hard on the couple. Early this year, after radiation and chemotherapy, his throat cancer is gone.

We all know that while Hollywood celebrities sometimes seem to have it all, they suffer the same everyday problems the rest of the world does. It seems the Douglases have had more than their fair share of turmoil which may have taken its toll on Zeta-Jones. According to a statement from her publicist, Zeta-Jones checked into a mental health facility to treat her Bipolar II Disorder after dealing with the stress she has been through in the past year.

Hopefully with professional treatment and her friends and fans supporting her, Zeta-Jones will be able to manage her symptoms and work toward feeling better. I applaud her for putting a face to this disorder and am sure others who are suffering from Bipolar II Disorder do as well.


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