Catching Fish with No Fishing Equipment – Survival Tips

When it comes to survival, knowing some basic tips can literally mean the difference between living and dying. A good example of this would be learning how to catch fish even when you do not have actual equipment. There are a number of effective methods for catching fish, but some are easier than others. This method is one that is easy to implement and requires only equipment that you can find around any body of water.

The first thing you need to do is gather plenty of straight sticks that are all around five feet long. If you come across some sticks that are longer, that is fine as you can always break them up and use them. The key is to ensure they are at least five feet long. Once you have these sticks gathered, you will then step out into the water. Find a nice space where there is plenty of shallows. Shallows for this purpose would be about two to three feet of water. Begin placing the sticks deep into the ground in the shape of a funnel with the point of the funnel at the deep part of the water.

The biggest key to your fish trap here is to make sure the sticks are so close together that a fish could not escape. Also, make certain that the sticks are high enough out of the water that they will not simply jump over. Getting the fish into the funnel is a big enough challenge that when you do finally get them in there, the last thing you will want is to let them escape. Keep the sticks close together and about two feet above the water and you should have no problems.

Now that the sticks are in place, the final step is to find a rock or stick big enough to quickly close off the end of the trap. If a fish swims into the funnel, then you want to be able to close the opening quickly. Some people stand at the entrance and wait, though this can be tiring rather quickly unless the body of water has tons of pan fish such as bream hanging around the shallows.

The easiest way to handle this is to simply give the funnel time and load it up with bait. Put anything that the fish might want inside the funnel. Worms, insects and bread all work wonderfully if you break them up and spread them around. Make sure you build the funnel wide enough that the fish will not be leary to enter and hang around. Ideally, you should make the funnel around five feet across at the widest part.

Once you spot fish inside the funnel you should quickly close off the end of the trap. This can be done if you have a large rock or stick handy and you make the funnel opening fairly small. Fish will swim in and sometimes become trapped without even closing the opening for a short time. The key is to get the fish out and onto shore. In a small funnel like what you have built, this is not very hard to do. If you have more than one person around, get someone to give you a hand.

Now that you have trapped and secured your fish, start that fire and have a great supper!