Catch Some Waves

Growing up in Colorado I always dreamed of living near a beach. Now that I’m living in Orange County, California my dream has come to life. As expected, one of my favorite pastimes is relaxing on the beach. With a lounge chair and a cold beverage, Laguna Beach is absolutely gorgeous and the ideal spot for beaching. Last summer, my quiet, peaceful beach time took a turn for more excitement and action. As I watched the waves crash inland, I was overwhelmingly enticed by local surfers. In a precise stance, which enables them to balance their weight on surf boards that glide over extraordinary waves, they seemed to have a sense of freedom becoming one with the ocean. I wanted to experience that feeling. It was at that moment I made a promise to myself to learn how to surf, or at least attempt to. Being a beginner I decided to compose a to-do list, I would complete, to ensure I was fully prepared before I hitting the waves.

Treading on unknown territory I was determined to pick the brains of experienced surfers. Kayvon Karimloo , a native to Southern California who has been a surfer for two years, gave me his insight on his surfing experiences. “When you wipe out it doesn’t even hurt. It’s all mind over matter,” Karimloo said. He also mentioned that surfing can provide participants with a “huge rush” as you glide on the waves. This information built excitement and peeled away my fear.

Knowing that surfing can potentially be dangerous, I knew it was important to learn to do it properly. With tons of surfing schools along the coast I wanted to be mindful to find one that would cater to my needs. I decided on getting private lessons to ensure I was able to gain the personal attention I require. Most of the schools I researched provide surf boards, wet suits and rash guards for all students, so no equipment is needed. The school I decided on was Soul Surfing School which is located in Laguna Beach. This school provides all needed equipment as well as a CPR certified teacher who’s a lifeguard and surf instructor, for each lesson provided. Providing such a skilled instructor made me feel safe, which is imperative.

There’s no better way to learn a new sport then to do it with friends. Having a strong support system can be the key to becoming a successful surfer. Soul Surfing School actually provides discounts for group lessons.

Last but not least, I am determined to have fun. I’m not setting out to become a professional surfer or ever compete in any competitions. I just want to enjoy myself, hang out with my friends and catch some waves.

Tasha Pope, “Catch Some Waves”, Associated Content by Yahoo!