Casey Anthony Verdict: Not Guilty of First Degree Murder: A Constant Defense of Lies & Misinformation


Casey Anthony’s verdict was Not Guilty to first degree murder. The jury found there was enough doubt surrounding the evidence, and that most of that evidence was circumstantial. Now the young Casey may walk free. She has been found guilty of lying to police, but her three years behind bars while awaiting trial may be deemed punishment enough. We shall see on Thursday.

Anthony’s defense team fed a constant of misinformation and, as they say, bullshit to the jurors. If I ever land in court on some serious charges, this is the route I will take. Anthony’s team dropped one bombshell after another, which obviously served to produce that necessary stitch of doubt in the minds of the jury. Her father molested her when she was young. Her brother did the same. Then the baby accidentally drowned. The father helped cover it up, and now he wants his daughter to be found guilty of the crime.

Why was Caylee Anthony’s mouth and nose covered in duct tape? Well, the father did that so it would look like a murder so his daughter would get incarcerated.

The mother looked up the words chlorophyll because she thought the dog was eating grass and making it sluggish. Then she looked up chloroform.

It’s been a real zoo. Kim Kardashian, whose father was on the OJ Simpson legal “dream team”, said she was speechless over Anthony’s not guilty verdict. And Twitter goes crazy.

Well, good for Anthony. She spent three years in jail already. Now she’s getting set to go free, as long as those pesky lying to police charges don’t interfere.


What is chlorophyll and chloroform, anyway? And why is it intriguing if you’re not into the Casey / Cindy / Caylee Anthony family trial? Read What is so intriguing about chlorophyll?


[the Casey Anthony trial keeps getting stranger and wackier. Chlorophyll strange. Chloroform wacky. Everybody’s story is changing and the poor jury can’t even keep the names straight. How can anybody? We’ve got a potentially murderous young mother named Casey. A murdered baby named Caylee. A newly-spirited mother named Cindy.

And unlike the similar names, the supposed facts the keep shifting. Cindy Anthony once testified that her daughter’s car smelled like something had died; a very rotten smell. This was a damning testimony for her daughter, Casey, who could potentially sit in the electric chair.

Cindy changed her story and said the car actually didn’t smell like death, but admitted she’d just said that to get the police’s attention. Even though the fact that a child had gone missing for more than one month would be enough to get anybody’s attention (except for people who hate children).

Dear Jesus! somebody screamed from the back of the courtroom. It’s like we’ve got the Manson family masquerading around here. Carve an X into your foreheads and then let’s continue the trial. Eh?

What else? Cindy Anthony explained to the jury why the Google searches from their family computer showed that somebody was looking up chlorophyll and chloroform. With new confidence, which she hadn’t shown before, Cindy very evenly testified that she had first looked up the word chlorophyll because her one of her Yorkshire puppies was acting very sluggish, and she thought maybe the pet had eaten some kind of plant in the backyard. And that Google search for chlorophyll led her to search for chloroform.

What? everybody thought. Seriously? But I know where Cindy’s coming from. I look up strange things online all the time. Like Adderall and Saltpeter. But I don’t search for things like “How to break a neck”. That’s just strange. I didn’t hear Ms. Anthony’s excuse on that one.]

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the Bombing & Shelling

The press is describing Tuesday’s raucous Casey Anthony trial as a “series of bombshells” and surprising claims about past sexual abuse, duct tape coverups, ugly secrets, and a disturbed Floridian family. Casey Anthony is accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, in 2008 and burying her close to the family’s home. Anthony is alleged to have used chloroform to knock out toddler Caylee, and then cover her nose and mouth with duct tape.

The defense attorney, seemingly hellbent on shaking up things in court Tuesday, dropped “bombshells” on the jury and the nation about Casey Anthony’s daughter actually dying accidentally in the family’s swimming pool. But, that is only the beginning. Defense Attorney Jose Baez called the death of Caylee a “horrible tragedy, a common tragedy.”

Casey panicked, Baez said, after finding Caylee had drowned, and instead of calling for emergency help, she participated in covering up the child’s death with the help of her father, who is a former police detective. “Casey should have been stronger,” Baez said, “she should have called 911.”

At this point the spectators watching the bombshelling, carpetbombing attack were given free popcorn to go along with what would be a truly entertaining day at court.

The high-profile trial is in Orlando, Florida. Many were stunned by the defense’s bold assertions that Caylee’s death wasn’t murder, but an accidental drowning. But how would the defense answer the difficult question brought up by the prosecution about why Ms. Anthony had waited a month before contacting the police about her missing child?

The defense lawyer said Casey’s father, George Anthony, had molested his daughter since she was eight years old. The defense also claimed Casey’s brother, Lee, had also sexually molested her. An FBI theory that brother Lee might have fathered Caylee was alluded to.

On Caylee’s birth certificate, no father was designated, and the family allegedly sought to hide Casey’s pregnancy. “This is not a murder case. This is not a manslaughter case. This is a tragic accident that happened to some very disturbed people,” Baez told the courtroom. “All you have to do is follow the duct tape and discover who placed Caylee’s remains.”

According to Baez, George Anthony worked to coverup Caylee’s death, but also to implicate Casey of murder, which is why the defense claims father George placed the duct tape over the baby’s nose and mouth after it had drowned, and then buried the child’s corpse in a place where it would likely be discovered.

Factually speaking

In a sobering juxtaposition to the defense’s fantastical narrative creation, the prosecution’s opening statement was rather damning toward Casey Anthony’s defense. With serious confidence, the prosecution simply laid out the bare facts: Casey Anthony engaged in a pattern of lies to her family and police about the whereabouts of her daughter; she made up a story about the nanny having kidnapped her daughter, but there was no nanny; she told family members she worked for Universal Studios, but that was a lie; she did not notify policy about the missing Caylee until 31 days later; and Caylee’s remains were found a short distance from the Anthony home.

The prosecution said, “The only evidence of cause of death are three pieces of duct tape covering [Caylee’s] nose and mouth. There is no other reason for the placement of multiple pieces of duct tape on this child’s nose and mouth other than the specific intent to end that child’s life.” And, “No one else benefited from the death of Caylee. Caylee’s death allowed Casey Anthony to live the good life – at least for 31 days.”

George Anthony, when he took the stand, denied the defense’s version of events, including that he sexually molested Casey.

The freak show continues Wednesday, when Anthony’s defense team digs into this “disturbed” and possibly incestuous family.


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