Casey Anthony Trial: Shocking Photos of Caylee’s Skull, Casey Falls Ill, Entomologist Testimony and Dr. G. Says What Most of Us Have Been Thinking

This week in the Casey Anthony trial has been very dramatic. Photographs of Caylee’s skull were shown recovered in a partially wooded area to the court. This prompted Casey Anthony to fall ill and as an indirect result, Judge Belvin Perry ended court almost two hours early. She was checked out by the jail medical staff and found no physical ailment. She was present in court the next day showing more emotion than she has since her daughter went missing three years ago.

On Day 15 of the trial, Professor Michael Warren was called to the stand to testify. He presented an animation created using a picture of Caylee Anthony alive and a picture of her skull showing the morphing of Caylee into the post mortem skull. His position on why he should show this was to demonstrate the position of the duct tape proves that the tape was large enough to cover both her nose and mouth leading to a probability that the duct tape was the murder weapon. This was objected by defense attorney Jose Baez who called the animation “disgusting” and “a fantasy.” His objection was overruled and the animation was shown to the jury.

George and Cindy Anthony were not in trial for the two days when the crime scene photographs of little Caylee’s skull was shown. They returned to trial on Saturday, June 11, 2011.

Prosecutors called to the stand a forensic entomologist who analyzed samples from Casey Anthony’s car and the crime scene. He testified that in his professional opinion, Caylee’s body was in the trunk of the car for 3-5 days based on the insects who were feeding off of the decomposition fluid.

The real highlight though was testimony from Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Jan Garavaglia. She testified that while she couldn’t conclusively pinpoint how Caylee was killed, she was certain she was murdered based on the circumstances surrounding the case and based on observational data which is used in every case she analyzes. Dr. G explained that you can not determine the cause of death based on analyzing the body alone. It takes the manner of death as well as the cause of death to determine what happened. Her television show appears to back up this claim as each episode shows the circumstances surrounding a person’s death as well as any physical indications on the body.

Furthermore, Dr. G. gave the example of child accidental drownings to state what most of us in the public domain have been thinking regarding the fact that based on observational data used in the scientific process of her specific district and in her experiences, 100 percent of the time 9-1-1 is called. Even when it may seem obvious that the child is deceased, the drowning is reported. She also stated that the fact that Caylee’s body was in a trash bag and thrown in the woods to rot and that she had duct tape anywhere near her face are both indications of murder and not of an accidental death. She questioned the defense’s argument within the scope of her expertise.

The prosecution is expected to rest the week of June 15th.

Source: Personal opinion