Casey Anthony Trial Begins

It is going to be a tough sell for Jose Baez, Casey Anthony’s attorney, to convince jurors that his client is not responsible for the death of her 2 year old daughter Caylee. Finding jurors who haven’t heard about the Tot Mom case is tough enough.

From the moment this story hit the media in the summer of 2008, public opinion had pretty much convicted Casey Anthony of wrong-doing in the disappearance of her toddler. What kind of mother doesn’t report her child missing for almost a month?

Honestly once I heard that, I pretty much needed a good explanation to not blame Caylee’s disappearance on Casey Anthony. If it wasn’t for the aggressive questioning of her mother Cyndi Anthony, it may have taken longer for Caylee Anthony to be reported missing.

It isn’t hard to see that there was a lot of tension between Casey Anthony and her mother Cyndi. Sources say that Cyndi was an overbearing mother and had bonded very strongly with her granddaughter Caylee. According to some, Cyndi had even taught her granddaughter to call her “mommy” which only fueled the tension between mother and daughter.

Casey Anthony who is now 25 years old, was a teen mom. Casey never named the father of her baby and only told her parents a story about some guy who died in a car accident. No one except Casey knows who Caylee’s father actually is or was.

Casey had repeatedly stolen money from her family and used her mother’s credit cards on many occasions without permission. While Caylee was missing (before it was reported to the authorities) she had stolen a friend’s checkbook and went on shopping sprees that were recorded on store security cameras.

For almost a month while Caylee was missing, Casey never confided in anyone that her daughter was missing. She partied with friends, she shopped and carried on without giving any signs that she was desperately searching for her missing child.

When her mother found out that her granddaughter was missing and immediately called the police, Casey was less than helpful to the police. When she was pressed for answers, she told lies which many were proven by police investigation.

The Anthony family was put under a media microscope when the news hit that little Caylee was missing. There is no doubt that Casey had troubles with telling the truth. Her mother Cyndi comes across as an overbearing woman who obviously wears the pants in the family. Her father George shows the classic signs of someone who looked the other way to his family’s troubles instead of dealing with them.

Casey’s history, between being an unwed teen mom and a thief do not make her a murderer. Why do I think she did it? For one, reports are that she never really bonded with her daughter. Her mother seemed to take over as surrogate mother to Caylee and even though there are pictures of Casey and Caylee together, I don’t believe that Casey saw her daughter as anything but a pawn to use against her mother. The Anthony family has many secrets and although they are appearing to stand by their daughter Casey, I believe that there was a lot of dysfunction going on behind closed doors.

Neighbors reported that the last night Caylee was seen there was a loud disagreement in the Anthony home between Cyndi and Casey. After that, Casey left with Caylee and the toddler was never seen alive again.

Casey could very well have “snapped” and strangled Caylee or accidently killed her daughter by trying to tranquilize her with chlorophyll. I don’t believe that the person who is seen on the police video after the disappearance was reported was concerned about her child. Casey seems very detached from feeling for anyone but herself.

The recorded visits between Casey and her parents show a self-absorbed young woman who does not seem concerned that her daughter is missing. She comes across as only concerned about herself- not a young mother whose daughter is missing.

It is easy to prove that Casey Anthony was a thief, a liar and a party girl. Proving that she murdered her daughter Caylee will be harder only because the proof may have been destroyed while Caylee’s body laid in the hot Florida heat. Once Caylee’s remains were found, they were skeletal and unless there is proof that can tie Casey to the body, proving murder is going to be hard. Finding a jury that hasn’t formed an opinion is the first step in what will be a long, highly publicized and talked about trial.