Casey Anthony Shows Her True Emotions

Today, July 1st, 2011, must have looked a lot different to Miss Casey Marie Anthony. The prosecution began to systematically take apart every little piece that the defense tried to use to prove Casey is innocent of murder.The expressions on her face were priceless. Interestingly enough I think that she showed more true emotion today than any other time. It is called terror, for herself that is.

The day that she bounced in so happily, smiling and flirting as she was expecting to be found incompetent to go through trial, her face fell when three court appointed psychologists all agreed that she was competent to stand trial. I am amazed that her defense was unable to convince her how important it is to show appropriate feelings.

It was so obvious as the forensic computer expert witnesses began to go through all of the computer deleted files, that she knew that she was in deep trouble. It amazes me how her mother lied the way that she did. I am not surprised that Casey has learned to be such a good liar. Well she really isn’t as good of a liar as she thought she was, because she has proven that she could not be trusted to tell the truth in her own defense.

If I were Cindy Anthony I would be quaking in my sandals over being caught lying red-handed about not being at work, doing searches on chloroform and neck-breaking. Considering that a young man is now serving 6 days in jail for disrespecting the court and flipping the bird at Ashton the prosecuting attorney, I think that she must be terrified. Not only has her lies backfired, and most certainly has impressed the jury that she was afraid of her daughter’s guilt of not accidently killing her daughter, but planning it, but she also has perjured herself. She has proven that she is a liar. I have to say I can understand her desperation, but she wasn’t very good at it or she would have known that she would be caught.

I wonder if everyone else was as aware of how riveted to the computer screen that Casey was when her lies were being discovered? She may have just as well had written on her face, “Holy shit, my goose is cooked!”

No matter how stone-faced that she tried to appear, it was obvious that she was really terrified. Mama, Baez, or no one in hell or on earth can save her now. If she walks from this, well, I will just completely give up. There is no justice in the world at all. We will see. We will see.

The prosecution and the defense will start there arguments on Sunday morning, July 3rd. It will probably not take too long. The jury will start deliberation and the whole nation will be waiting to hear if there is any justice for little Caylee.