Casey Abrams Carole King Week (Top 6) Performance on American Idol’s 10th Season (2011)

Casey Abrams is a singer who has advanced to the Top 6 for the 10 th season of American Idol. This is Carole King Week. Casey should have no problem finding a decent song choice, as he has good versatility in singing and musical ability.

Casey’s natural fit is jazz more than anything else. But he does have the ability to take just about any genre and make something unique out of it. While some people don’t prefer his rock or other hard-edged performances so much, he still approaches every song choice and genre with a versatile style and musical ability.

Carole King is obviously not the best genre theme for Casey. But if he puts in the effort, he should be able to come up with something that is a good vocal and unique. He is certainly more versatile than frontrunners Scotty McCreery and James Durbin, although Scotty and James are great at their chosen genres (while Casey is more of a mix of styles and musicality than a master of a specific genre).

Compared to Lauren Alaina, his basic vocal tone is not as nice, but he is superior in terms of musical arrangement and song interpretation. All in all, Casey matches up pretty well against the other frontrunners. However, there is that whole thing with the save in Top 11 . Abrams has not been announced as being in the bottom 3 since then, so that appears to have been either a voting anomaly or a gimmick pulled off by the show for ratings and drama. I guess no one knows which one it is for sure. Nonetheless, it does suggest that Casey might not have quite as strong of a fan base as Lauren, Scotty and James.

At this point, I’d say Casey is a favorite as against Jacob Lusk and Haley Reinhart. But he could easily be outlasted by the other three. The talent is super this year, and Abrams is clearly one component of that overall talent pool. Barring a voting anomaly, he should be safe this week but will be courting potential elimination for the rest of the competition.

Casey is doing his duet with Haley Reinhart. It will be nearly impossible to top their awesome duet of “Moanin” on a recent results show. They decide to sing “I Feel the Earth Move.” This seems like a poor song choice. Haley starts out with her growling, and of course Casey gets his growling in. Overall, this is just a good, consistent vocal for both. Casey has great high notes and is more powerful, but Haley was a little more unique in her phrasing. Casey threw in some good scatting. This was pretty good for just an average song choice.

“Heidi Heidi Hoe” was a better song choice, and this was one of the most unique performances in the history of American Idol. If uniqueness is anything, this could win American Idol. Vocally, he may have some limitations, but the guy is easily the most creative contestant on this show.