Casey Abrams and James Durbin Delivered Memorable American Idol Performances

An Antifan on “congratulated” the executive producers for bringing us 21 minutes of music in a 90 minutes show. I just don’t understand why we need 90 minutes when we only have 7 performers. I absolutely dislike the commercials after each song and usually I check my twitter page to see who is trending.

There were two American Idol performances that caught my attention last night. One was from Casey Abrams and the other one from James Durbin.

James Durbin Incredible Cover of Muse’s “Uprising”

Right now many rebuttable Idol sites have James Durbin coming in in third place missing the American Idol finale. However with a performance like last night James Durbin is in the position to pull up an incredible upset. Everything fit to the song. He dressed and performed it with a confidence that lured me into believing it. He’s charisma matched the song. On top of it his voice fits the song so much better then the front man from Muse. In my opinion James Durbin actually sounded better then Muse at the Grammies. I think that was one of the performances on the American Idol stage in Years making the judges declare it “probably” the best performance of the night with five other Idols still waiting to present.

Scotty McCreery : “Swinging” in Death Spot

Another sign of James Durbin maybe making it in the finale is the decisions to let frontrunner Scotty McCreery perform in the first spot. Obviously the producers don’t want a country finale with Scotty and Lauren having a sing off. Since we haven’t gotten a female American Idol winner in a while I think the producers want to crown Lauren Alaina as the new American Idol winner. So the finale between James Durbin and Lauren Alaina seems more possible especially since the judges negatively criticized Scotty’s performance. The remarks of the other contestant in the opening video weren’t really flattering either and I assume custom edited for the purpose of Scotty losing his popularity among viewers. Viewers were quick to point out that Scotty McCreery cheated by not performing a song from the 21 century but rather one out of the eighties. “Swinging” was only covered after the 21 century. In the end Scotty was really just OK but I think he will be safe.

Lauren Alaina “Born To Fly” Was In the Pimp Spot

Again I am absolutely certain that executive producers want Lauren Alaina in the final. Her mediocre attempt of :”Born To Fly’ was not only put in the last spot so we would remember but the videos of Jimmy Iovine and the judges of telling Lauren Alaina to believe in herself leads me to believe that she is painted as an insecure girl from next door so Idol fans are more likely to vote for her. However she doesn’t strike me as someone who doesn’t believe in her talent or music. It was so manipulating that it gave me chills. Either way Lauren Alaina will make it in the finale.

Casey Abrams Kissed Jennifer Lopez while Singing: “Harder to Breathe” by Maroon 5

Casey Abrams whole performance was only memorable because of the kiss. Everyone is talking about it. I was awestruck when the judges were all over themselves declaring the ridiculous cover as it was the best of Casey Abrams. It was bad from the outfit to the screaming. Nothing worked for me and I am surprised that the audience loved it so much. Maybe they have cue cards or something because what I heard from my TV obviously wasn’t what they heard last night in the audience. Maybe Steven Tyler cursed because he wanted to kiss Jennifer Lopez or maybe the audience was in awe because Casey had the guts to do so but definitely not because of his singing. I think votefortheworst is right to vote for Casey Abrams because that was definitely the worst performance of the night. Having to say that Casey Abrams has an entertaining personality and he keeps it interesting so I hope for him to make it a few more rounds. We shall see.

Jacob Lusk Dedicated: “Dance With My Father” “to his Late Dad

The contestants spilled the beans about Jacob Lusk “divaish” behavior encouraging speculations that Jacob Lusk might be gay. Jacob Lusk moved Jimmy Iovine’s to tears by singing: “Dance with My Father”. We found out that Jimmy Iovine lost his Dad young too. Jacob Lusk lost a few notes in the beginning of the song but then found the melody and words again to finish the song. Jacob blamed it on the feedback while Jennifer Lopez said that maybe he was too moved in parts of the song. I was surprised that Randy Jackson was critical about his performance especially since a sob story like Jacob Lusk’s story will encourage voters to back him up. I believe Jacob Lusk will be safe tonight.

Stefano Langone Performed: “Closer”

Stefano Langone could be leaving us tonight. Jimmy Iovine encouraged Stefano Langone to be a little sexier and not beg or whine but to perform the song: “Closer” with confident. The result of the encouragement was that Stefano Langone ran around on stage, giving people high fives and that he gave weird looks to the camera which appeared everything else but sexy. In short it wasn’t sexy. Maybe Stefano is just not my type as he is rather cute then sexy. Personally I don’t even think that the demeanor fits to the tune of his tenor voice. The whole performance just didn’t match. I think Stefano Langone maybe finally leaving us tonight.

Kelly Clarkson Loved Haley Reinhart’s “Rolling in the Deep.”

Haley Reinhart is underrated due to stronger personalities surrounding her. She actually delivered a respectable performance. Her voice fits Adele style quit well. I like the jazzy and yes growling voice of hers. She looked gorgeous and performed just fine. Now she has to find a way to get her personality shine through on stage in order to remain on the Idol stage. The original American Idol Winner Kelly Clarkson however totally loved it tweeting: “Way to go Hailey Reinhart! You did really well on Idol tonight! I love Adele! Great song choice! Can’t wait to hear a record from you!”

The Eliminated Contestants Performed Pink’s: “So What?”

I am getting tired of the song to say quite frankly. Idol has covered it at least in three performances over the last three years. I also thought they were screaming the song and off key. I didn’t enjoy the performance at all but appreciated the attempt to make us remember them.

Predictions For Tonight

I think Casey Abrams, Stefano Langone and Haley Reinhart will be in the bottom with Casey or Stefano leaving.

In the end last night on American Idol will be remembered for Casey Abrams kiss to Jennifer Lopez and James Durbin outstanding performances of “Uprising”.

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