Cascadian Farm Granola Cereal and Granola Bars : Are Both Products as Good as Pictured?

A huge fan of natural and organic foods, I am always looking to save money purchasing these good-for-you, but rather costly food items. Able to “double coupon,” I took advantage of an on-the-box, Cascadian Farm coupon and combined it with an in-store special. When all was done, I was able to use multiple Cascadian Farm coupons and in-store grocery promotions to purchase the following items: Cascadian Farm granola bars (vanilla chip and chocolate chip), and Cascadian Farm granola cereal (maple and cinnamon raisin), with each box costing me only $2, when they were originally priced at $3.99.

First, I proceeded to try the Cascadian Farm vanilla granola bars. These were excellent, although there was just one problem: the bars were sticky like they had been left in the direct sun (they were taken home immediately after purchase, just 3 minutes away). Overlooking the stickiness that was present in the wrapper, I was pleasantly surprised how wonderful they taste. To summarize it: the granola bars tasted like a grown-up version of Rice Krispies treats.

Next, the out of all the Cascadian Farm granola bars’ line (oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, vanilla chip, chocolate chip), the chocolate chip ones were the granola bars I was looking forward to the most. They were good and were not sticky; however, I still preferred the taste of the vanilla chip granola bars over the flavor of the chocolate chip bars.

A few days later, it was time to sample the Cascadian Farm granola cereals. While I prefer to enjoy granola as a snack option, I purposely ate it at breakfast, just as it was intended; so I could give an honest, “first impression,” review. One most days, I enjoy regular Cascadian Farm cereal choices, which will be reviewed at a later time.

The Cascadian Farm granola (maple flavor) was a huge disappointment. It did smell lovely, but did not compare to its shelf-mate, the Cascadian Farm cinnamon and raisin granola cereal. This flavor not only smelled great, but was very flavorful and made me feel as if I was enjoying comfort food. In fact, the first few bites tasted like a homemade oatmeal raisin cookie, which I delighted in.

Overall, if you do have to try only one flavor of each my recommendations are as follows: Cascadian Farm granola: cinnamon raisin, Cascadian Farm granola bars: vanilla chip. If you do purchase and items, be sure to read your Cascadian Farm coupons carefully, as most state savings off of any two selected items. This way, you can try more than one flavor and see which one (or ones) appeals to your taste buds.