Casablanca: A Timeless Film

“Casablanca” is a film that is old but never goes old. It is one of those cinema greats that withstand the test of time and continue to be liked by different generations. It is a story that anyone can relate to and shows us a real world depiction of the troubled times during the Nazi occupation.

“Casablanca” is a film with a lot of ingredients that was mixed well and the result was a well-made, classic and unforgettable movie. It captivates its audience and makes them feel alive with excitement and romance. It really brings out the difficult choices that the people made during those dark times.

“Casablanca” is a romantic love triangle with Nazis in it. It tells the story of two guys who are in love with the same girl. And the girl is torn between the two as well as choosing between love and duty. It may be a simple tale but it was delivered in a grand way and that is what made this film great.

The film has a great cast. We have Humphrey Bogart who plays Rick Blaine. He is the owner of one of the biggest nightclubs in Casablanca. He is an American and he loves to drink. But we can see there is something more to the character. He is hiding something from us and he does it very well. Bogart portrays Rick in a unique way. Bogart has played a lot of macho and strong guys before, but he really delivers a memorable act for “Casablanca”. We see him as a man of mystery with a tough shell but he also reflects a man with a troubled past. Rick starts to change once a lovely woman enters the club. And that woman is Ilsa.

Ilsa is played the charming and beautiful Ingrid Bergman. Bergman quickly captures the hearts of many just as she enters the doors of the club. She portrays her with finesse with a slight hint of sadness and worry. She shows the audience a woman whose world was well and then shattered once she found out who the owner of the club is. Bergman delivers a great portrayal of a woman who is torn between two lovers and is faced with the decision of which guy to choose. Bergman also captivates the audience with just her eyes. Each close up of her darling face makes you feel attached to her dilemma. You see her problems through her eyes.

Closing the love triangle is Paul Henreid who plays the legendary hero Victor Laszlo. Henreid delivers a great performance showcasing a man who has a big responsibility to the cause of freedom but also has to have his attention to his wife Ilsa. Henreid shows us a man of intrigue and stature in the face of Nazis trying to capture him and throw him in prison. He is fearless and fearful at the same time.

The three lead actors perform well together. And adding to that is a great supporting cast. These actors are not merely extras or forgettable characters. They help in the development of the story as well as help in developing the emotions and stories of the lead characters. Even the young woman who sought Rick’s help to get money was essential to show us Rick’s other side. “Casablanca” is a film with great actors who are performing well together. This film really has an outstanding ensemble.

“Casablanca” maybe in black and white but it feels like it’s in color. It is livelier than some of the films today. The score is great. It greatly delivers the emotions of the characters and Casablanca as well. Even the cinematography adds to the successful story telling of the film. Each camera placement showcases the different angles that are essential to the film. Even the close ups are well chosen.

“Casablanca” is a film of lost love and finding it and then losing it again. The film delivers a story anyone one of us can experience or has experienced. The main theme of the film is choice and what you are willing to give up to live up to that choice. Rick, Ilsa and Victor each had different choices and they stood by them. Even if it was hard, they had to do it for it was the right thing to do.

“Casablanca” was made before I was born. Yet, it still captured my heart as it did before with the hearts of many. “Casablanca” is a film that goes beyond the boundaries of time. It reaches different generations and still delivers a great story. “Casablanca” is a film for everyone who has choices to make and the actions they make to stand up for it.