Cartouche Tarot Card Reading for April 8th, 2011

Numerology – first published in 1994 -Avery Publishing Group by Hans Decoz and Tom Monte. Numbers convey special and some time secret meanings. Numerology applies a number to every letter in the alphabet, and every number has a meaning.

Birthday -8 – You approach business creatively and daringly, you are very competitive.

Lucky number – 8 – Complex matters can be handled today

Special letters

Harmonic – E – Cools and calms the solar plexus and great for restructuring your etheric levels.

If your name starts with – X
Cornerstone (obstacles and opportunities) – You are responsive and perceptive, and you are a quick learner. The makings of a great employee or Manager.

If your name ends with – X
Capstone – (ability and attitude) – You are very sensual and artistic, and you love excitement and indulgence.

If the first vowel in your name – E
Window (the deeper self) – You need plenty of freedom, because you are very physical and passionate.

Double letters in your name – G, P, Y
Excessive (problems) – You are full of contradictions and can be insensitive, that is great for business but not love.

The Way of Cartouche – published in 1985 – St. Martin’s Press – by Murray Hope. The Cartouche is based on ancient Egyptian knowledge, mostly found on the temples, pyramids, and old papyri. They feature the Gods and animals held sacred by the Egyptians. The Egyptian history is very rich with stories, encompassing other cultures and religions. It is believed that the Egyptians gained their knowledge from an earlier advanced race. The guide book breaks each card down into aspects, the spiritual level, the mental level, the material level, and the reverse meaning for each. The kit comes with 25 cards with Egyptian symbols and a guide book that explains how to use the cards for mediation, divination, healing and talismanic purposes. Card readings are meant to give you insight and wisdom, not to predict the future. Have a great informed day

Past – 14/Earth – Put the material world into the correct perspective. Money and possessions are no more than energies manifested and necessary for life as we know it. Be practical and thrifty and remain industrious and hardworking. Dividends are surely to follow if you remember to share.

Present – 23/Pyramid – You have the ability to sense future changes or circumstances. You will be tested and initiated, remain calm and focused. You will have to stand alone on this one because it is self-imposed, emerge victorious. Have faith in your skills and abilities with finances and business. Good news will come eventually.

Future – 21/Sphinx – By confining your concept of intelligence you are imposing mental barriers that prevent you from your rightful role. Try bridging the gap with creative thinking. The key will be in learning when to speak and when to hold your tongue and this will require patience. Secrets should be kept and if you do ferret one out, keep it. If you believe you are exalted and spiritual, think again, or face being treated with super scorn.

Personal – 4/Bast – As you think, so you are; you are what you eat, the mind is the one in control, you must learn that. Let joy and happiness promote your good health. Be like the cat and walk with care and balance. You require to be recognizing and acknowledged for your true worth. You will get the best out of the situations, by giving others their due.

Family – 8/Ptah – All the lessons you have learn to this point has shaped your character and identity. There is no need to resort to violence to prove your strength or opinion. Together your skills will allow you to assume a more supportive role in life. Contribute to the community as well as to the family. Equal opportunities should be encouraged and supported. Not everything is black and white, do what your heart and talents lead you to do.

Friends – 22/Scarab – You are starting a new phase in your life, get yourself out of the rut you are in and move on. You have the abilities to adapt or shift your attitude to make the best of it. A new perspective often acts as a release of the doldrums. You could be in for a new circle of friends or acquaintances that help you get the most out of life. If you are up to it, change your furniture around, clean out the wardrobe, and get a new hair cut.

Business – 6/Hathor – Get organized, be supportive of co-workers, show you are a strong-minded leader and organizer of events and causes. You are essential to the world because of your supportive nature. Display your natural talents and keep it practical so it may be profitable. You may have a hard time being content with home and family right now, it will pass.