Carrot Patch Wedding Desserts

What you need:
Sugar wafers
Chocolate cake
Chocolate frosting
Orange jelly beans
Green jelly beans or green fruit leather

So far, the plans for your spring wedding are going off without a hitch. You’ve got things ordered, tried things on, and made perfect decisions through it all. You know, with a spring wedding, you’re probably planning on lots of flowers and breezy outfits for you and your wedding party. But, just because you’re planning on having beautiful things doesn’t mean you can’t add a little whimsy to the wedding plans. For example, the guests at your reception will absolutely adore tiny, edible gardens full of “carrots”. They’re unusual and cute and will fit in with nearly any spring theme.

Everyone knows what a sugar wafer is. They’re cheap, rectangular, and really tasty. Use them to make the little, edible planters for your wedding reception. You can use any color of the wafers which are often available in colors like tan, brown or even pink. Use three wafers, and a piece of another, to make each planter. Lay one wafer on a tray to be the bottom of the first planter. Lay another wafer flat and spread a bit of chocolate frosting along one long edge of the wafer. The frosting will help you stick this wafer to the first one. Position the frosting on this wafer against one long side of the bottom wafer to make the side of the planter. Do the same to another wafer to make the opposite side.

To make the ends of the planter, measure how tall the side needs to be then cut two wafer pieces to this size. Use frosting to stick these small pieces to the ends of the edible planter. Cut the two pieces you need from the ends of the wafer and, when you add them to the planter, place their cut sides to face the bottom of the planter.

You can bake a chocolate cake or use store-bought snack cakes to make the “dirt” for the planters. Mix chocolate cake pieces with chocolate frosting then fill each little planter with it.

Use orange jelly beans to represent the carrots in the planter. Place three jelly beans in the dirt, spacing them apart, pushing them in so that about half of each jelly bean sticks up from the dirt.

One way to make green sprouts coming out of each carrot is to cut tiny slits in the top of each orange jelly bean. Cut tiny slivers of green fruit leather and push them into the sits with a toothpick or similar implement. Another way is to cut a tiny piece off the end of a jelly bean, put a dot of frosting on the cut side, and stick it to the top of one of the carrots. Use only the ends of the green jelly beans for the best look.

Your guests will smile when they see the tiny, edible planters at your wedding reception. They’ll gobble them up and love them! See, you’ve planned everything for your wedding, down to the last detail, and it all went off without a hitch!