Carlton Ware Items Can Be Used Everyday

Wiltshaw and Robinson marked their products Carlton Ware in the 1890s. Their products were made for common household use like pitchers, coffee pots and salt and peppers.

Most decorative items and tea ware were made in the 1920s in a geometric art deco design. They were often enameled or luster that resembled richly gilded Asian ceramics.

The company part of the Staffordshire based firm became very popular in the mid 1930s. It made a variety of patterns. There are some common patterns such as the apple blossom design as well as various other more rare patterns.

When collecting Carlton Ware items remember condition is vital. These items were used everyday. People did not put them in a China cabinet for viewing. This use led to many having chips and cracks. If you find any mint in box, its value is probably very high. It could be worth thousands of dollars.

In 1967 the company was acquired by Arthur Wood & Son and started make novelty type items.

One popular pattern was called Walking Ware and was made by Roger Mitchell and Danika Napiorkowska. The husband and wife team’s products were extremely popular.

Most Carlton ware items range from $40 to $500. Very rare items are worth more than that.

Some valuable pieces include a three-footed bowl marked #3413 from 1930. It sells for around $400. A 1930s inkwell can go as high as $250 and a Carlton ware tea for two water lily set from the 1930s is worth around $500.

If you find some items like that, good for you. Most often you will find items such as a pink and yellow flower basket ranging from $25 to $100; Carlton Ware candlesticks selling for $40-$50; a three tray flower set valued at close to $100; glazed vases ranging from $20 to $150.

There are a lot of items under the Carlton Ware design.

A quick check of some of the highest carlton ware items selling on eBay show a flower decorated box at over $1,000; a 1930 tea set for $1,200; a mandarin jar over $1,000; various vases over $700. The oriental vases seemed to show the most value as several were for sale and most sold for at least $500. Each had a luster design in bright vibrant colors with no damage.

I also noticed some patterned dishes selling for over $200. The desire to find Carlton Ware items is out there.

If you have some, first get a price guide. See what its actual value is. Remember, you probably will not get book value. But, you never know. A book guide is just that a guide. Items can sometimes sell higher and prices are always in flux.

Most beginning collectors started with a collection from Grandma or Mother. If you have some of their items check them out.

To identify an item, there is a crown like symbol with the words Carlton Ware clearly marked on the bottom of items. There are also often numbers and codes underneath it. You should be able to find out more using that information in a book.

Be on the look out for wear when you purchase an item. Often, rubbing or use has made some of the colors fade. Take that into consideration as well.

Collecting and selling Carlton Ware is a fun hobby. Once you start, you will always being picking up China to see if it is marked.

Make it a joyful treasure hunt and display your items proudly.