Caring for Your Feather Hair Extensions

Feather hair extensions are a new fun hair trend in which a strand of up to 7 rooster feathers woven together are attached to the root of the hair to create a fun splash of color. A single feather hair extension is usually about 10-16 inches long, but can be custom-cut to whatever size the wearer wants by the stylist, who cuts the extension at an angle to keep its natural appearance. A single feather hair extension comes in a variety of colors (my sister has a blue and black woven one and a plain white one in her hair) and isn’t very thick, just slightly wider than a coffee straw, but packs a lot of style in the bold color in contrast to hair color. They are usually “micro-linked” into the underside of the hair so they blend well with natural hair while still being able to be seen.

These feather hair extensions aren’t delicate, but can easily be overlooked and pulled out or loosened by accident. Due to the micro-link being on the underside of the hair, people who have feather hair extensions can forget that they have them, and inadvertently pull at the roots of the feather hair extension when they are combing their hair or pulling their hair in and out of a ponytail. With proper care, however, a feather hair extension can last between 1-6 months after it’s initial application.

Feather hair extensions can be combed, blow dryed, straightened, and curled, but dyeing hair while the feather hair extensions are in place should be done with caution. Typically, the hair extensions are either covered with foil or removed while hair is being dyed then placed back in. Combing over the root of the hair extension causes the micro-link to loosen, so it’s important to brush the length of the extension only, avoiding the root.

As hair grows out, the feather hair extension grows out as well, since the feather hair extension is adhered to the root of natural hair. This increases the chances of the feather hair extension being loosened by accidentally combing or getting fingers stuck in the micro-link that keeps it in place. Since the feather hair extension can last for up to 6 months, getting the extension re-attached to the hair as it grows out can help it last longer.

Never cut a feather hair extension, as they need to be cut at specific angles to keep their natural shape and avoid fraying or tearing the extension. If your feather hair extension becomes loose or is too long for your liking, your best bet is to see your stylist for removal, replacement, or altering of the feather hair extension rather than doing it yourself.

Feather hair extensions vary in price, depending on where you live or how many you would like in your hair. A single feather hair extension can be from $15 upwards. My sister got hers for $20 apiece, including getting them placed into her hair. You can get feather hair extensions at salon supply stores or order them online, or purchase them from a hair salon, but keep in mind that you still need to pay a stylist to have them put into your hair.