Cardinal Rules of Stain Removal

No matter how conscious you are about cleanliness, there’s no good way to avoid common household spills. But with a few stain-busting tips, fighting back just got easier. Here is a quick guide that helps you win the battle against your toughest cleaning woes.

Treat immediately:
The longer you wait to clean up a spill, the longer you will have the stain. So, always treat immediately. Always!

Check the tags:
All furniture and rugs come with tags that tell you exactly how to treat stains. In these tags you’ll see one of three letters (W, S, or X). These letters tell you what to use on your furniture or rugs to help with stains. The meanings of these letters are listed below.

“W” means to clean only with water-based cleaners such as detergent or dish liquid.
“S” means to clean using dry-cleaning solvent only.
“X” means to clean only by vacuuming or brushing; don’t use any liquids.

Attack from the back:
If you can access the back, such as a pillow with a removable cover, then work from the back. This will help you by not rubbing in the stain any further.

Start with club soda:
When in doubt, absorb as much of the spill as possible with white paper towels. Then dampen some paper towels with club soda and blot on the stain. Make sure that it is white paper towels because colored paper towels could stain the carpets.

Take a moment to look up the best stain removal tactic for the stain at hand. The Stain Solutions Database is a website that gives you multiple step-by-step instructions for any stain removal option. It is probably a good idea to bookmark this stain database because it does come in handy.

Many people think that rubbing will take care of a stain. This isn’t the case. Always blot and never rub. Rubbing will just keep the stain in place. Be sure to use white clothes as colored clothes will potentially stain the carpet or furniture because of the dyes that are in the cloth.

More is not better:
Don’t overuse stain removers. Contrary to popular belief, more is not better. Extra soap or chemicals will NOT help you get the stains out. Read (and follow) the instructions when using any stain remover.

Don’t get crazy when a stain happens. It is part of everyday living. However, use these quick tips to help you win the battle against those stains. Be sure to look at the Stain Solution Database to help with all kinds of stains.