Car Insurance Requirements for Residents in Delaware

In Delaware, vehicle owners are required to carry liability insurance. While other states allow residents to prove financial responsibilities in alternative ways, residents in Delaware have to purchase liability insurance. If you don’t have liability insurance, you can get fined and suspended from driving on the highway. Delaware is different from other states in the United States. This is because you cannot use alternative methods such as bonds or deposits to avoid buying liability insurance coverage. You have to buy liability insurance coverage such as property damage and bodily injury coverage. The minimum requirement for property damage insurance is $10,000. For accident that involves only one victim, the bodily injury insurance requirement is $15,000. If the accident involves multiple victims, the minimum requirement for the bodily injury coverage will be $30,000.

Driving without insurance coverage will cause your driving license to become suspended. Your driving license can become suspended for 6 months. You can get fined for up to $15000 if you don’t have the proof of insurance. The proof of insurance must be in your car no matter where you go. Even if you always pay your premium on time, you still have to carry the insurance proof. If you don’t carry it, you have a risk of getting caught by the police officer. You are also required to show the insurance proof when you are in an accident. The DMV will get notification from the auto insurance company when your premium is not paid. When your premium is not paid, you will have a lapse in your auto insurance. If you made a switch to another insurance company, you must get the proof of insurance from the new insurance company.

The Department of Motor Vehicle will check the vehicle drivers occasionally. If you are chosen, the DMV will send an audit request. You will have to get the form FR-19 from the insurance provider and send it to the DMV. If you ignore the audit request, your vehicle registration will be suspended and you will be fined for $75.

It is important that you buy more than the basic requirement because accident usually involves a lot of cost. If you buy more than the minimum insurance requirement, you can avoid selling your house to get the funds. When considering how much insurance to buy, you should calculate all the possible costs. Having sufficient coverage protects you from all the accident costs including medical costs, legal costs and property damage costs. If you don’t have enough coverage, you may have to liquidate your assets.

Before buying, it is smart that you compare the insurance quotes between different providers. Different car models will be charged with different rates. The cost of the insurance depends on various factors including age, driving experience, occupation and etc. If you use quote comparison service, you will be able to compare the rates efficiently.