Capture and Death of Osama Bin Laden

This article of mine goes out to all of our American citizens, our United States soldiers, all of our paramedics, and to all of our United States Firefighters and Law Enforcement Officers. I write this editorial letter with all of you in mind and thought. To all the families who lost their loved ones on September 11, 2001 in the name of this masterminded criminal, I write this for you also. It is of my most sincere respectful feelings and opinions that I have written herein. Osama bin Ladens’ capture and death on this day, is also a time of reflection for all those who lost their lives in the name of this criminal and his followers. I would also like to express my gratitude and praise to our United States Military and our Navy Seals for finally capturing this long sought out criminal. The news of Osamas’ capture and death present many mixed emotions at this time. It also brings back the date in our history – September 11, 2001. For myself, it is also a hope for an end to the war on terrorism throughout our global world. This is a milestone for our country, and I do not, and will not undermine the raid and the successful capture of this masterminded criminal.

I have been reading how how people are angry that Americans are celebrating in the streets about this recent news. I was thinking if the same type of attacks were taken out in another country as they were done here in the USA, perhaps those that do not understand would know the feeling shared here in the USA. I am so proud of our military and the news of Osamas’ capture. It is our American right to wave our flag and rejoice in this monumental news. For me the significance of this event is also the means to honor our military and most of all to honor all those who lost their lives in the name of this masterminded criminal. I feel that due justice was finally served, after so many sought out years to capture this most wanted man. All of the attacks against our country have been seen and known of the immense hatred and evilness perpetrated in his name, towards our country. It was not only the United States Of America where these atrocious attacks took place also, including his own country evilness and hatred abound. For me, this is not a debatable inquisition and people all over may celebrate or reflect however, they wish or do not wish. It is not like a birthday celebration, for I feel it is more a celebration that he was caught and as he no longer has the capability to carry out anymore-evil doings to our country or anywhere else in our global world. In addition, yes we may know that many will try to repeat his horrendous disregard for life.

May we share together in the grief and heartaches of the many families who may be feeling this the most today. May we always remember the sacrifices of all the brave men and women in uniform. We will always remember also, the brave men and women who worked so valiantly to save others on that early morning of September 11, 2001. In addition to this recent event of his capture and demise, it also brings back many painful memories in the lives of not only the families of those who passed on that day, but to all who have died in the name of this one man. This news brings back the most painful day here in the United States of America for many of our citizens. I remember the sights of the men and woman dancing in the street in other countries, celebrating and cheering these evil acts as the Twin Trade Towers came down, and when our Pentagon was hit, and then again as our heroic men took down another high-jacked plane in the fields of Pennsylvania. I remember the total loss of life and destruction on this day and the sadness in the families and citizens of our beloved country. I also recollect the feelings I had when I seen those same individuals in other countries, stomping on our United States Flag, burning it, and cheerfully waving it, in celebration of the horror and loss of life taken on that day. It was hideous and disgraceful at a time when our country was grieving. It was very disturbing to say the least.
Why should the people now in America not wave their flags just as they were doing against us on September 11, 2001 and why is that any different than our celebration of the capture of Osama? We are not burning our flags today. We are waving them in glory to our country and to all of our citizens who love the United States of America.

There are many families here in America and worldwide who still grieve today from these horrific acts of violence perpetrated against our citizens and the citizens of other countries. Some of these attacks were against our homeland, the home of our brave, right here in the United States of America. We must never forget and we will never forget. These somber thoughts and reflections I have on this day of Osama bin Ladens’ capture and demise have brought all the pain and anguish back to me as well, to the many other American families who may be sharing in their feelings. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families who lost their loved ones on that sunny September morning. My reflections also go out to our soldiers who are still out on the fields fighting the war against terrorism. In addition, to all the families of our military soldiers that have lost their lives fighting in these wars serving their country. I have the utmost respect and honor for all our military personnel that put their lives on the line every single day for each one of us. Will these families ever feel closure at this news? One can only speculate the feelings they are now experiencing and going through at this time. Closure may sound too defined here. I do not think all of us can feel this closure more than the families of their beloved ones who lost their lives on that sunny September morning in the year two thousand and one.

Today is a celebration, rightfully and justifiably, so it should be. It is on this date of May 2, 2011, this date in our history that means more than a capture and killing of the most wanted criminal. In hopes, it does bring some comfort and closure to those families who still grieve today and for our country as well. While I do not celebrate the death of any human being, I stand behind the actions of our brave and courageous United States Navy Seals, in the final capture of this most wanted man. The heroic actions of all the military personnel that helped capture Osama bin Laden are to be commended. The strategic duty they carried out, with the overtaking of the Pakistani Compound and this capture of the most wanted criminal in history, is of my opinion, the highest honor they have given to their country. I salute each one of them and to all of our armed forces and special units in their tireless efforts and determination in obtaining this long sought out criminal. I applaud all of you in the successful capture of Osama bin Laden. Your job was well done. May God Bless Our Military of the United States of America and our brave and courageous Navy Seals.

On a more personal note, I would like to share my story here also.

I had the honors long ago of meeting one of the brave firefighters who passed away on that unforgettable day in the history of our country. * September 11, 2001* It was through a dear friend of mine, and how I came to meet him in my church many years ago. He was her cousin and she is a very good friend of mine. Her husband is also a United States firefighter. I can recall the time he went to New York City to help search for her cousin and the many others still missing in the wreckage. This one firefighter’s story is of courage and bravery that goes far beyond compare. (Pause to reflect) This young man lost his life as he tried so valiantly to assist a paraplegic down a stairwell in one of the burning towers. In doing his job, he also sacrificed his own life, as many firefighters did that day. He had not escaped the collapse of that tower that morning. His main concern, in my opinion and feeling, were to get this disabled man down the stairwell to safety. He was not found until many months later. From what I heard of his story, I would like to share with you here. (Pause to reflect) The rescuers had seen something glimmering in the sun light as this firefighter had been wearing his Saint Christopher medal around his neck. It may have been a gift from his loving family. That blessed medal he had been wearing that day, in my most honored belief, was exactly the reason that glimmer guided the rescuers to finding him. I believe he valiantly, as many other fine NYFD firefighters that day, were trying so hard to rescue and save as many people as they could, with much courage and valor. His story stays with me all the time and more so on this day. I do not know why this is so, but I do know after I read about him and the love he had for his family and friends is so endearing to me as well. My heart is with his entire family and his friends on this day and always.

It was this one firefighter’s story and the love of his cousin that penetrates my soul and mind. On September 12, 2009, I had a chance to speak to his cousin on the phone. When I hung up from her as we had been talking about him, I had this strong spiritual feeling overcome me. As I sat there on my porch that Saturday morning, after hanging up from his cousin, I grabbed a pen and paper and for the first time in my life, I felt a strong spiritual feeling guide me to my pad. The feeling I had was so strong and is hard to put into words. I started to write what it was I was feeling, as a wave of feeling came over me and touched me in my heart. It was raining and windy that morning as I sat there with my cup of coffee and there was that overwhelming feeling I was getting as I looked up to the sky. I wrote of all the innocent lives once lived and died on that day of September 11, 2001. I attributed this poem in honor of this brave firefighter and to all the other brave men and women who lost their lives that day. I do believe it was this poem, on this day the pinnacle start of my writing career. I wear this firefighters’ bracelet proudly and respectfully for him. His story is courageous. His life is admirable. His love for his family and friends unmistakably, filled with so much love and compassion for others that he gave so freely. His story touched my heart in such a way, and for some reason I really do not know how but it did. I thought perhaps since he was so much like our family and brothers growing up in New York with a loving family. I really cannot explain in detailed words this feeling I had that morning. I never wrote a thing in my life and it was after I wrote this poem in honor of him and the others I have never stopped writing. I have also never shared this story before anywhere as I have just today. He is one of our many true heroes’ of September 11, 2001, and yes, there were many. All those who lost their lives at the hands of this atrocious masterminded criminal still stirs in my soul and that is why I am so compelled to write this story. The actions to maim and kill so many of our innocent citizens and visitors here in the United States and abroad will never be forgotten. It was in the name of this one-man and his followers who masterminded the plots, behind the most horrendous day in our countries history. Something I shall never forget.

I hold the highest respect for all of our military soldiers, of the past, and of the present, and to all our veterans around the world. I admire and respect all of our brave men and women in uniform, who continue to fight and carry out their mission in obtaining world peace and freedom here in the United States of America and abroad. May all of you also be honored today. May all the families who have lost a loved one in the war against terrorism, find some solace in their hearts today as well. Theirs is the sacrifice that so many bravely fought for. The freedom and peace we all desire for in our world. Your loved ones gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country and in their passing, shall never be in vain or forgotten. It is of my opinion that Osama bin Ladens’ due justice had and was finally met. One life was taken today. May we always remember and never forget the many lives that were taken in the name of this one criminal and his followers. May we never forget and always remember all of our brave men and women that heroically and courageously helped to save others that day and in turn lost their own life. Their bravery is beyond words and measurements. May they all rest in Gods Eternal Peace, every single one of them. (Pause to reflect)

To all our brave soldiers who tirelessly and continually fight to bring peace in a troubled world of aggression and hatred. Many men, woman and children have been killed in the name of this criminal not just in our country of America but in other countries as well. I will honor our military and all of our soldiers today, in steadfast prayer for their safe return home to their respected countries. I hope others join me in prayers for the peace in this world we all pray and strive for. We shall remain steadfast and vigilant in the days, the months, and the years ahead. It is not a time to let down our guard. We as Americans must never let down our guard and shall we always stand as one proud American Family. Osamas’ death may not make our world any safer. Just the same, it is a monumental event. His actions and those of his followers changed the course of our countries history. His intent to maim and kill many of our citizens here in the United States and abroad will never be justified. May we never forget this either.

I hold strong regards for all our Military Personnel and our Intelligent Agency Officers. Any writer or individual that opposes this action of the – Capture and Death of Osama bin Laden – has their own right to feel whatever it is they feel. In closing, I want to state that I am a Proud American Citizen, and the daughter of a Proud Army Veteran, my father who also served for his country. Of my own opinions also in this letter, let it be known there is no animosity or disrespect to any nationality, religion, or towards any country. I love my country for which I stand, One Nation Under God, Indivisible, Liberty and Justice for All, and for The United States of America, for which I stand. May God continue to bless each and every one of you today and always.

May we continue to always stand tall and proud for Our Country, The United States of America. I know I will.

Written by mms 5.02.11