Captain Jac Fish & Chips – Food Review

I am a firm believer that sitting down to dinner together every night is a very important part of raising a strong and close family. While work, school and other commitments may get in the way of a four course, homemade dinner every night, the simple act of sitting down together over the evening meal is of the greater importance. One of the quick and easy meals that I turn to on hectic weeknights is Captain Jac Fish & Chips. This frozen meal is not only economical, but simple to prepare and very tasty too.

This frozen dinner is packaged in a twenty six point four ounce freezer bag that is priced at only $6.99. Considering that this meal serves a family of four and can be easily found in most major grocery stores, I feel that this is an excellent price. Keeping family dinners under a total cost of ten dollars is definitely a great way to stretch the weekly food budget.

Preparation of this meal is a cinch. After heating a conventional oven to four hundred and fifty degrees, the contents of the bag get placed in a single layer on a greased baking tray. The fish and chips then get baked for twenty five to thirty minutes. Turning the food halfway through cooking time ensures even crisping on both sides. Both the fish and the potato wedges cook thoroughly at the same heat for the same amount of time, which makes this meal even more convenient for busy families.

A two piece serving size of fish contains one hundred and eighty calories. There is seven grams of Fat with one point five grams of Saturated Fat per two pieces. This serving size also contains forty milligrams of Cholesterol, four hundred and seventy milligrams of Sodium and seventeen grams of Total Carbohydrate. There is eleven grams of Protein and four percent of Iron per two portions of fish.

An eight chip serving offers one hundred and thirty calories with seven grams of Fat. There is two grams of Saturated Fat with three hundred and fifty milligrams of Sodium in this portion size. Two grams of Protein, three grams of Dietary Fiber, four percent of Vitamin C and two percent of Iron are gained from this serving amount.

Captain Jac Fish & Chips is definitely not the healthiest fare for a family meal, but it is definitely budget friendly, convenient and very tasty. The fish crisps up beautifully on the outside while remaining soft and flaky on the inside. The chips have a delectable crunch while maintaining a very delicious potato flavor. The amount of both fish and potatoes is enough to satisfy a hungry amount of four. I would definitely give this meal a three out five food star rating. The price is terrific, preparation is a snap and the flavor is excellent. The high fat and sodium content precludes it from getting a full five stars, but I would certainly indulge in this meal for my family on an occasional basis.