Cantor is the Ultimate “Big Lie” Propagandist!

The GOP has numbed their constituents who will now believe anything!

The article “A Well-Informed Electorate Elects a Responsible Government? Ask Eric Cantor– Reckless Eric” Cantor is a marvel to behold” disgusts me.

Cantor has no limit as to what lies he will peddle!

Eric Cantor proclaimed that “should the Senate not decide to come to the table and submit a budget proposal for consideration before the approaching deadline of April 6th, then the budget passed by the House – the one which cuts Federal funding for such dangerous organisations as Planned Parenthood and NPR – will automatically become the law of the land, fiscally.”

Cantor isn’t stupid. He knows that isn’t how legislation is passed in the US, but he knows that the US MSM will report on it as if though it was. He has made the political calculation that making ignorant remarks don’t hurt-Palin and Bachmann are proof of that, and that the same poor lost souls who believed that Hussein was involved in 9/11 would believe this. Maybe they don’t actually believe it, but it helps them hate. The GOP has featured hate, fear and war mongering-a version of “1984’s” “two minute hate” for generations.

Regarding how the GOP has utilized the US MSM as propaganda organs the article states “He says it, not only with certainty, but with clarity before the nation’s news media, who scribble away furiously on their notepads and raise nary a query about his pronouncement.”

The article contemptuously deals with Cantor and tries to figure out his motivation in disseminating such overt hypocrisy stating “In asserting that the House rules supreme and supersedes the Senate, Eric’s either patently ignorant or pandering patently.

Which one?

I think the latter, and I think it’s just another in a long line of scare tactics which have become normal behaviour for the Republican Party. The fact that Reckless Eric blatantly made this statement on the record and in front of the nation’s cameras, and the fact that the news media covering the event, blithely recorded it and made no attempt to refute (or, indeed, “refudiate”) the assertion, is simply indicative of the collective ignorance pervading the country at the moment. In fact, the only media personality who actually picked up on Eric’s misguided assumption was Lawrence O’Donnell, who skewered Eric for his ignorance on last night’s The Last Word.”

It is obvious that there has been a dumbing down of America and it is also clear that political leaders and the US MSM have contempt for the ignorant.

The article states “If that be the case, that’s not just shameful, it’s shameless and immoral. Not only does it show the disrespect evident for the President by various elected officials, it also shows the same on behalf of the media, who used to be trusted, reliably, to inform the public – and even worse, it shows the low regard with which elected officials and the media regard the general public.

Whose fault is that?

Well, it was yet another Virginian, the author of the Declaration of Independence, himself, who confidently asserted that a well-informed electorate can be trusted to chose a responsible government.”

Why does Cantor say insulting to the intelligence of his audiences’ messages such as these? He feels that our down-trodden red staters will in sufficient quantities buy this hypocrisy. If there isn’t a buyer for these lies then he wouldn’t be able to sell it, but he can and the US MSM knows how to merchandize a good product-in this case another knockoff of their top selling line–hatred of the Democrats.

The sad thing is that progressives shouldn’t be taking a pounding over the shutdown as the

article “Dems can win on message” illustrates we have the polling figures to win.

During his term Bush 43 tried to privatize Social Security. During the beginning of his sales pitch people wanted to learn more. A few weeks later, when they had learned more the popularity of privatizing Social Security plummeted.

The same phenomenon is occurring now with current GOP scams as the article states “National Republicans, led by Tea Party stalwarts, could well be on the same path, with their double-talk on a government shutdown/slowdown and sweeping proposals for budget cuts….

Voters generally agree with the position that we must cut government spending, and while they remained on that high ground the Republican congressional leadership built a broad base of support – over 60 percent in some polls early in the year. But the more voters hear about just what cuts Republicans propose making, the less they like their proposals.”

Instead of starting with concessions of cutting 61 billion dollars the Democrats should have started with reducing our deficit requires increasing revenue and making cuts. Maybe 30.5 billion in both arenas.

The article states “There is a message here for Democrats looking at the 2012 election cycle. They do well within their own party, win independents and make inroads in the soft-Republican vote by making the debate over priorities….. The message in district after district should be that the incumbent is making the wrong choice – now is not the time to give tax breaks to oil companies and CEOs or to spend money on wasteful special-interest projects. We shouldn’t be cutting education, hurting the middle class and working families or slashing education, Social Security and Medicare funding.

Rather, Democrats should argue, we need to eliminate subsidies for oil-and-gas companies and impose a surtax on families making more than a million dollars a year. When it comes to the budget, Republicans will make the wrong choices and go too far in cutting important programs.”

Obama seems to think that being the adult in the room requires him to start at the mid-point of GOP excessive demands. Any parent knows that means giving your kid 3 bowls of ice cream at bedtime instead of a glass of warm milk. The article states “When you have a message that works – use it. The Democrats have a message now, and if they just stick with it they might, indeed, be able to throw Republicans to the curb in some of the most competitive reelection districts on the map.”

Cantor is the ultimate “big lie” propagandist! He knows the red staters buy it. The US MSM is in it for a profit. They transcribe his hypocrisy verbatim because they know they can lure viewers in by appealing to their base instincts-which has been the GOP election strategy for generations.