Can’t Find My Favorite Discontinued Bath & Body Works Product or Scent!

Is it just me? I have issues remembering the name of this retailer! Is it bathandbody or bathandbeyond or bedworks? All I know is that my favorite product, Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Eucalyptus Spearmint Purifying Bath Salts has stopped being stocked in our mall store so I have to buy it online! Shopping online will cost you extra in shipping but there are always coupon codes for free products and/or free shipping. Something you just can’t find in the store.

The Website:

I had no issues with the site, it loaded promptly and I was able to order just fine. My problem was that the stress relief bath salts that I wanted are not listed under the stress relief link for some reason! So there were a few extra clicks to locate it. I had coupon codes for a free product when you purchase so much product and was unable to use it on the bath salts I wanted. So I ended up with no free product. I did call customer service about this and asked if I could not use it with the product I wanted. They answered my call quickly and efficiently but said no, I could not use it. I could use it if I were buying just about any other product on the site.

You will find many deals by shopping online especially around the holidays but during the holidays, the site tends to freeze up as so many people are doing the same thing! To find certain products, you can search by scent, price, brand or product type. Search for sales by looking under price by lowest to highest. Each item you look at has a rating by previous customers so you can see if it was well liked or not as well as reviews on the products.

You can save items in your wishlist for later or place them into your shopping cart until you are ready to checkout. Signing up for emails from their website will net you many great deals and even free products at times! Also from the site, you can either look through their current catalog or order one to be delivered to you for free.

You may find items available online that are no longer sold in your local mall store like I did! That makes it worth the shipping costs when you really really need some stress relief products that are no longer around in your local stores. Check around the site and you will find a good many deals on items especially for gift giving. I find that there is just not enough in the stress relief line or that scent that I love. And never is it on sale!

The Customer Service:

Ordering online was easy but I did call customer service when my coupon code would not be taken on the site and was told that it was not good on the product that I was purchasing. They can be contacted via phone or email.

Products Available:

Bath and Body Works Online carries aromatherapy products, flip flops, antibacterial products, body scrubs, lotions, bubble bath, hair care, candles, home decorations, gift sets, scented oils, lip gloss, tote bags, sponges, Christmas ornaments and more. A huge selection of each with a large amount of scents to choose from: coconut, gardenia, juniper, cherry blossom, chocolate amber, brown sugar & fig, green tea & cucumber, lemongrass sage, apple, peach, seaspray, peony, grapefruit, and many, many more can be found on the site.


Once you sign in, you can look at your previous orders and see when they were sent out. My order was received within a week with no issues each time I have ordered. Since my bath salts come in a glass bottle which is very breakable, I did worry about my order making it intact. It always has! It comes in perfect condition each time, I mainly do order the stress relief bath salts from the website. Once you click on add to my shopping cart, a popup window comes up so you can either go ahead and checkout or click the X and continue shopping, you also have the option to look at your cart. Payments accepted are Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, online gift certificates, Bath & Body Works Gift Cards with PINs and White Barn Candle Company Gift Cards with PINs. The billing name and address on credit cards must match the ones you give for your order so it would be difficult to send to a gift recipient! If your gift card does not have a PIN, you can only use it in the store, not online. Do not throw out the gift card after you use it; if your order can’t be filled, they will credit it back on to it.

Shipping & Costs:

The lowest shipping amount you will pay is $6.00 and that is for orders under $25. Shipping goes up $1 for each increment of $25 amount in your order. Of course if you want it there quicker, you can pay more for overnight or two day delivery. Orders are not shipped on weekends. Expect it to take 7-10 days for your order to arrive with regular lowest-cost shipping. Some items may not be available to ship to your area or post office box. Customers are not charged until the item has shipped.

Final Say:

If the item that I wanted was available locally, I probably would not pay shipping to order it online. Since it is only available online, it is a must. There are good deals to be had, great free items, sales, and coupon codes out at times but still it would be cheaper buying from the store!