Can’t Fail Gift Ideas for Motorcycle Riders

Life is a Highway for Motorcycle Riders

Whether he cruises down the highway on a Harley-Davidson or pretends to drag a knee on a Honda or a Suzuki crotch rocket, all motorcycle riders enjoy receiving gifts that help them pursue their favorite pastime: riding motorcycles. They live for it, dream about it, think about it and talk about riding motorcycles.

If your friend says the minute he stops riding is the instant he’ll stop breathing, then these are the gifts to get for him. It’s easy to find the perfect gift motorcycle rider for Father’s Day, a birthday or an anniversary, if you know where to look.

Let’s twist the throttle and get shopping.


When they aren’t riding motorcycles, many motorcyclists enjoy reading about them. So why not rev up the one-wheel computer mouse pad for a two-wheeled motorcycle publication as a gift for your favorite rider?

No other publication champions the cause of the party-happy, nomadic biker than Easyriders. If your motorcyclist enjoys travel, working on bikes and learning about new Harley-Davidson motorcycles, send him a subscription to American Iron Magazine. Riders of performance Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki motorcycles will appreciate a subscription to Sport Rider. The publication caters to those who seek the unabated thrill of speed on the open road.


If your motorcycle-riding dad, husband or best friend likes to dress the part, consider checking out the clothing, jewelry, and specialty items available at Jack Daniels, Easyriders Roadware or Harley-Davidson. It’s all classic biker apparel.

DVDs and Movies

If you want to keep your motorcyclist friend happy through the long, cold and snowy winter months, try giving the gift of a DVD set. Any real biker enjoys the FX Series Sons of Anarchy. The series follows the ups and downs of a California charter of a worldwide biker gang. It’s members try to keep one foot ahead of the bank and the other ahead of the law. You may also opt for Easy Rider , the 1969 biker movie that started the motorcycle freedom movement. Either way, each are great gifts for a motorcycle rider.

Sportbike motorcyclists who enjoy the incredible adrenaline rush that only speed will provide will enjoy the annual Isle of Man Tourist Trophy highlight DVD. The highlight DVD includes action from all of the races plus an on-bike camera view of racers roaring through English countryside villages on motorcycles at speeds of more than 160 mph.

Give your motorcyclist friend the gift of reality TV with Outlaw Bikers, a DVD that tells the story behind the Hell’s Angels. While you are at it, a must for any motorcyclist is Wild Hogs, a movie about four middle-class friends who take the motorcycle road trip they’ve waited years to go on. Unfortunately, they stuffer through several unforeseen calamities that lead up to defending their honor against a gang or real bikers.


Let your motorcyclist friend learn all about the Hells Angels as told through the group’s legendary founder Sonny Barger. Or learn how a 19-year-old joined the Montreal charter of the Hell’s Angels by becoming the group’s designated assassin in the book Into the Abyss. Of course cooking books also make great gifts and my favorite is Biker Billy Cooks With Fire. It is written by a Harley-Davidson motorcycle rider who cruises in the kitchen with a spatula as well as he rides down the highway on a motorcycle.

So now you don’t have to worry about what to give your motorcyclist friend or relative on Father’s Day, his anniversary or his birthday. You’ve got the gifts to keep him happy and keep him roaring down the highway.