Canon Releases User Friendly EOS Rebel T3i

Canon has long been a manufacturer of some of the best digital cameras in the industry and with the release of the latest DSLR model company has continued this tradition. Back in 2003 the company released the first affordable DSLR camera and today the company has released yet another entry level model that balances performance and cost.

Canon continues to ensure that it’s entry level model measures up with the competition by releasing the EOS Rebel T3i just one year after the T2i was introduced into the marketplace. The biggest improvement this new model makes is the incorporation of more beginner friendly features, something the outgoing model seamed to lack. These features are especially important in an entry-level model because for most people this will be their first DSLR. These cameras are often intimidating to the new user, so these features help get the amateur photographer up and running in no time. The new features include a multitude of ways to easily edit your photos in the camera which means there is no need to try and figure those complicated photo editing programs on the computer.

While Canon has added lots of new features to this new model, the basic technical specifications are the same as the outgoing model. This is the first time Canon hasn’t upped the megapixel count, but this is completely fine because most entry-level users will not need more than the 18mp offered by this model. That is plenty of megapixels for printing large images in great detail. The continuous shooting speed remains the same as well at 3.9fps. The camera will come in a kit with either an 18-55mm IS lens or an 18-135mm IS lens. Both lenses have image stabilization technology, but I highly suggest that users fork over the extra dough to get the 18-135mm lens because if you don’t do it now I guarantee you’ll want to add this lens to your bag later. The camera also offers handy HD recording mode as well for those of you that don’t want to haul around a camcorder as well.

The technical specifications of the new Canon EOS Rebel T3i hasn’t changed much, but if this is going to be your first DSLR then I highly recommend you opt for this new model. The addition of more user friendly features and in camera editing will make your photo taking experience much faster and easier. Of course Canon offers some of the best cameras in the industry, so you can rest assured that any model you buy from this manufacturer will be the best.

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