Canine Parasites and Medications Available with the Least Side Affects

If your pet has ever been stricken with any parasitic disease, which is not uncommon, they may suffer great discomfort. Parasitic diseases caused by fleas, mites, ticks and worms can affect the skin, stomach, ears and intestines, including the heart, lungs and liver of your loving pet. Both Ivermectin and Doramectin have been used in the treatment of most parasitic diseases and infections. Demodicosis is also a type of Mange found in both dogs and cats, which can have real adverse affects on your pet.

Ivermectin is a prescription drug that has been used to prevent parasitic infections, heart worm infections, Demodicosis, and ear mites. It can also control skin and gastrointestinal parasites as well as parasites within the bloodstream. Ivermectin, however, will not treat liver flukes and tapeworms. Ivermectin is also more commonly known as Heartgard, Iverhart, Zimectrin and other generic formulas. This drug is available in various doses, administered according to the size of your dog or cat.

Though it is commonly safe, the precautions and side effects of the Ivermectin may include hypersensitivity and allergic reactions to the drug. Ivermectin is toxic to Collie Breeds as it can have toxic effects. This is due to a genetic defect in the mechanism that prevents drugs from building up in the brain.

This drug should never be given to young puppies under six weeks and the dose, per your Vet’s advice should not be given prior to a heart worm blood test. Most side effects from the drug occur as a result of a too high dose given to your pet. Be sure to follow the strict recommendations of your Vet so that your pet will be treated safely.

Side effects can include weakness, disorientation, tremors, and will usually affect your pet within 12 hours after the over dose. If your dog has tested positive for heart worm the treatment may include a supportive treatment for shock which is why it is imperative to get blood drawn prior to administering any medications.

Doramectin is close in structural similarities to Ivermectin in treating parasitic diseases as well and is also a prescription drug. Studies performed on the drug had shown that Doramectin as well as Ivermectin is effective in treating parasitic diseases with little side effects other than those listed above. Doramectin appears to have the same guarantee of effectiveness as Ivermectin but also warns that it should not be given to the Collie breeds that would be sensitive to the drug with the same toxic results.

You as the devoted pet owner should be and probably are aware of risks involved if you do not engage in a preventative program for his/her health. Along with the necessary yearly vaccinations for your pet, it is imperative that the heart worm test also be performed and the proper preventative be taken per the advice of your Vet.