Canine Diet for the Chinese Crested

If you have a darling Chinese crested dog, it will need good nutritious dog food but when you go down the dog food aisle, I am sure you are overwhelmed at all the choices. The manufacturers of all these foods want you to think theirs is the most nutritional. By knowing your dogs’ needs and reading labels, you can determine the best food to feed your Chinese Crested Dog.

The Chinese Crested is a unique small dog that comes in two varieties even though the most common is the hairless breed with a small tuft of hair on the head. Their skin is very delicate and sensitive, can get sunburn easily and be injured in other ways due to no protective coat. They are alert, charming, agile, affectionate, very attached to their owners, and rarely bark. They do have a tendency to gain weight, and need proper nutrition for a happy healthy life.

The Chinese Crested Dog does require a diet of protein, vegetables, carbohydrates, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, except for Vitamin C because of kidney and liver damage it can cause for this breed. They do not need what is in most dog foods, corn, corn meal, rice, soy, potatoes, starch and fillers.

• The best diet is the home cooked variety which contains no additives, preservatives and fillers. A home cooked meal is also less expensive and better for your dog.
• The BARF (bones and raw food) food plan is another choice which promotes a diet of raw meaty bones, vegetables and fruit, which imitates the natural foods consumed by wild dogs.
• A commercial diet can provide all the nutrients your dog needs as long as you read labels. Good label choices are Innova, Solid Gold and California Natural (found in bigger pet stores) which all have limited ingredients and no fillers.

The home cooked diet would include protein, such as beef liver, chicken liver, chicken or lamb, ground beef, and fruits such as strawberries, pears, oranges, tangerines, apples, and bananas. Include some vegetables such as green peas, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, and peppers. Experiment to your dog’s likes and what his system handles well. A BARF diet is 85% meat products and bones along with 10% fresh vegetables and 5% fruits. Add a pinch of Kelp powder to any of these meal plans to provide minerals necessary for maintaining a healthy thyroid. The BARF diet can include cooked brown rice, grits or oatmeal. If you choose to go with a good commercial food, with 85% protein content, you may still need to supplement some of the same fruits and vegetables for a more balanced diet.

The sensitive little Chinese crested requires good nutrition to ward off itchy skin, hot spots, yeast infections in the ears and thyroid, liver and kidney problems. Feed your Chinese Crested more than once a day, experimenting with a variety of foods listed. If allergies are a problem, try the BARF diet. Speak with your veterinarian for his recommendations of the best food choices and quantities for the Chinese Crested Dog Food Diet.