Candlelit “Pond” Centerpiece

This is a very simple and inexpensive centerpiece that you can modify to suit any wedding or other occasion during any season. Be sure your guests will want to take one home. This can also be made in a miniature form or on a smaller scale to fit your dining table at home; or just to change the ambiance of a room or add a little touch of elegance to your coffee table.
1 Large glass or plastic brandy snifter -find them in the vase or candle section of any craft store or department
colored stones or marbles -you can use the wedding colors; or use blues and greens to make it look more like a real pond
1 medium Styrofoam wreath form – two or three small ones may also be used if you wish
floating candle (s) You can use one or two for the medium ring or one in each small ring You want to cut these down(slice them just like bagels) so that they are just at the water’s surface level or very slightly above. Bedeck them with tiny jewels to make them really sparkle-use blue or green or colors to match the wedding theme. You may also cut out rings from ordinary foam–great if you can find it to match wedding colors.
floating swans
ribbon – use the wedding colors
mirror tiles 4 for each snifter -these are optional. You can also use lacy doilies in the wedding colors or a nice contrast

1. Place the mirror tiles or doilies in the center of the table
2. Place the snifter in the center of the base and sprinkle a little confetti around the base of the snifter
3. Add the colored stones or marbles and fill the snifter about 3/4 full with water
4. Add the Styrofoam wreath form and candles-putting the candles inside the ring(s). This will help keep the swans and candles from bumping into one another and prevent a possible “meltdown.”
5. Add the swans
6. Wind the ribbon(s) around the stem of the snifter from top to bottom, ending at the base. Tie a bow, leaving a short length of ribbon to lay on the base of the snifter.
7. Light the candles when ready
**You may also use a thin ribbon that matches wedding colors(or bride’s bouquet and a formal black to tie tiny bows around the swan necks; or use a nice contrasting color
You’ll have a wonderful and romantic centerpiece that will have your guests “oohing” and “ahing” throughout the reception.

These-in smaller version make great gifts for bridesmaids and flower girls. They also make great keepsakes for Moms and moms-in law to cherish. To make these in smaller version, just down-size everything; using smaller pieces and fewer of each.