Canceled Wii Games that Had Potential

Nintendo gets a lot of flack from gamers for not having a very “hardcore” gaming line up. Nintendo is partly to blame for that perception. They refuse to localize games like Disaster: Day of Crisis, Xenoblade, Fatal Frame IV and many more, but continue to publish games like Wii Party. What hurts even more is to find out that there were even more core oriented games in development early on in the system’s life that could have helped to change its perception entirely. Here are the top five Wii games I wish hadn’t been canceled.

Son of the Dragon

Son of the Dragon was a shaping up to be a cool third-person action game from developer Renegade Kid before the game’s publisher, Gamecock, went under due. Renegade Kid co-founder Jools Watsham spoke to 1UP about the game, giving the following details: It was “a ‘good’ 3D Castelvania where you are Dracula, with a focus on responsive combat, solid game play camera, light RPG elements, and a rich world of wickedly diverse landscapes, enemies, player weapons and abilities.” Sounds like an excellent idea to me. I hope one day they can revisit this idea on the 3DS.

Red Faction B.E.A.S.T

This was a stylized take on the franchise developed by Locomotive Games before THQ decided to close down the studio. The character designs and animations looked awful, but I am always down for third-person shooters featuring pointer controls. The genre is criminally under represented on the system, so losing one from a high profile franchise kind of hurts. It kills me that I will never know what B.E.A.S.T stands for. It is probably better that way.


N-Space began development on Sphear after work wrapped up on their Gamecube firs- person spooker, Geist. This title was also a collaboration with Nintendo, but was canceled to provide more focus on expanded audience games like Wii Sports. An action/adventure title set in the Phillipines, Sphear looked like it had some real potential.

Project H.A.M.M.E.R

One of the first games shown for the Wii, Project H.A.M.M.E.R placed players in control of a cyborg with a giant hammer that would go from city to city destroying hordes of robots. I am always down for a good beat ’em up and was particularly intrigued by the fact that Nintendo’s own NST was developing it. There were apparently issues with the game’s quality which forced it to be shelved. I could see the idea of waggling a hammer around for hours getting boring, but what if they revived this concept with Wii Motion Plus controls? That would be something worth getting excited about.


Winter was a survival horror game in development at n-Space. Unfortunately no third-party publishers were willing to take a gamble publishing traditional games on the Wii, so it never got very far into development.

It seems as though third-party publishers were never willing to give the Wii a fair shake. Maybe if they had started off strong by releasing quality core games they would have created an environment in which they could have succeeded on the Wii throughout the console’s life. Instead, only established franchises had any chance against the astounding amount of shovelware available for the system. Hopefully third-party developers won’t be caught by surprise when the Wii’s successor is a hit and have quality content available from the start.