Canadian Pharmacy is Still Around, and Still Scamming Thousands!

The old “Canadian Pharmacy” scam is still around!

No matter how many times they get reported and shut down, they just regenerate themselves under a different name, and keep right on pushing their criminal activities on unsuspecting -or just plain stupid- people, who think they will get a real deal from these guys. And as long as there are people who fall for it, they will continue to operate!

The sad fact is there are no deals to be had. These people are criminals from the word go! Their intent is to take everything you’ve got, and they pursue that goal incessantly!

Lately, they have been bombarding people with notices from “Personal Notification”- with a subject line of : “Dear client. Online Pharmacy”

Their email declares, (in very large font), Benefits of online pharmacy (written exactly that way.)

Then it lists 4 points which I am reproducing exactly as written:

1. It’s much cheaper. With money you spend usually, you can buy 2-3 times more pills.

2. It’s confidentially. Nobody knows what you bought Viagra or pills for penis enlargement. Shipments come in discreet unmarked packages.

3. You don’t have to leave home. Purchase will be quickly delivered right to your door.

4. Nobody will disturb you. Read instruction for each product while sitting at your computer and select what you need.

Then it says: Follow your personal link, and lists some fictitious link. It changes with each email but it all leads to the same place. If you click on the “personal link” (which I heartily recommend you DON’T do!), it will take you to a landing page that requires you to be a “human” to click on the ENTER SITE link.

(Just so you know, I did not click on the link- I copied and pasted it into my browser.)

If you click ENTER SITE, (Which again, I did NOT do. I ran my mouse over it and saw where it led and typed THAT into my browser), you would find it leads to – a RUSSIAN web site.

Once you click on that site up comes good old “Canadian Pharmacy”

It’s all so familiar! I’ve watched these crooks for years, and their modus operandi is always the same- get you to their site, make you think it’s a real pharmacy, take your credit card info and run!

The site actually looks like a real online pharmacy- because it’s intended to deceive you into thinking that’s what it is. It has real graphics of many different pills, complete with descriptions of what they are and what they’re used for- all at prices 60% to 90% below what you could get them for here in the USA.

They even have “physicians and nurses” on duty to “prescribe” the drugs for you.
But just think about this for a minute: NO American doctor who operates within the law will prescribe ANY drug to ANYBODY without knowing that person, or at least knowing their health history.

These “physicians” and “nurses” are as phony as a three dollar bill!

Now they’ve gone so far as to add a “Report spam” button and an “Unsubscribe” button at the bottom of their page, just to make it look real.

As a kicker, they have added a Web Safe Shield button, but if you go to the REAL Web Safe Shield site, you will see it’s an out and out fake!

One other thing: Their shopping cart is NOT a secure site (they begin with https://), which should be a red flag to anyone. Never, never, NEVER give your personal information out on a site that is not secure!!!

Unfortunately, these crooks operate outside the US so they have a total disregard for the FTC, FCC, or any American law. They know they are beyond prosecution so they flagrantly abuse the Internet.

Don’t be misled! These people need to be exposed for what they really are- common criminals running an elaborate scam. That’s what they’ve always been, and what they will always be.

Don’t buy anything from them! Don’t even go near them! Not only your physical health, but your FINANCIAL health is at stake if you do!