Canadian Geese Part 6

The Canadian geese saga continues. I thought it would soon be finished but apparently not! I’ve lost count of how long the geese have been here now but the story just keeps getting more interesting as it goes along. An incident happened on Saturday that I wasn’t present for but I heard about later. I know I would be wrong if I didn’t share it with you. I feel like these two geese and their egg belong to all of us.

I still find it amazing that two geese stopped off in a little town in Ohio and caused all this trouble. Now my neighbors are involved with the egg! This is too much for me. I just went outside hoping beyond hope that the egg was gone but it’s still there. I think the two geese that keep hanging around the garden put it here on purpose. It’s the only thing that makes any kind of sense to me. Somehow they found out what kind of person I am and decided this would be the best place for the egg.

On Saturday the little girl next door was out playing in her yard. She found an empty bird’s nest by one of her trees. I do not know what happened to the baby birds inside the nest. I’ve already got more than enough to worry about with the geese. I’m not sure how much more I can take. I know for sure I’m not walking around the neighbor’s yard looking for birds. That is where I draw the line. I can only hope they found another nice place to live.

The little girl was walking around the yard carrying the empty bird’s nest. This is where it get’s interesting. She came over into our yard and was walking around and spotted the egg. If these geese would have just put the egg somewhere under cover then people would not be walking by and spot the egg. The bird’s nest was very small. I’m not sure how the birds even fit in it. Evidently they don’t need much room. Maybe that’s why they fly the coop as soon as they do. I know there wasn’t room for a Mom and Dad bird along with at least 3 babies.

She decided it would be a good idea to put the egg inside the bird’s nest. She didn’t want to touch it so she tried to scoop up the egg with the nest. Well, I’m here to tell you it didn’t go well. This egg is so big that it wouldn’t fit inside the nest. She must have tried at least 3 times but it just wasn’t working. She gave up and went home with her bird’s nest.

When I heard the story I couldn’t believe it. Everyday there is something new with this egg. When I took the dog outside today there was no sign of the geese. They weren’t in the garden or even the neighbor’s yard. I suppose they’ve taken off again to parts unknown.

I would write a complaint to someone but who would I write to? Now my neighbors on both sides of me are involved. At one point the geese moved to the house on our right and now the little girl that lives in the house on the left has met the egg. You know I was thinking it would have been easier for me if the egg would have fit in the nest and stayed there quietly. The Easter egg hunt will be on Sunday and I’m so afraid the egg will still be here. I’m going to be forced to move it into the woods.

I kept thinking last night will this ever be over! I sure hope I don’t end up with a whole yard full of geese! I know there’s only one egg but what are those parents doing in my garden anyway? Why do they keep coming back? Sometimes they are gone for days and suddenly they reappear.

We will be planting the garden on Memorial Day weekend so I suppose that’s going to be another nightmare. We are going to have to explain to the two wayward geese that it’s been nice but it’s just not working out. We always put up a fence to keep the deer out during garden season. The way it’s looking it will be to keep the geese out too.

Since geese fly I wonder if they can just fly over the top of the fence and land on the vegetables? I sure hope not but I bet this is a possibility. It’s bad enough that the rabbits try to get under the fence. The deer try to go through the fence. I don’t think I can deal with the geese flying over the fence!

Something tells me this year it’s going to be a free-for-all out by the garden! I sure hope I’m wrong but as of this very minute it is not looking good. To top it off I had to go and mention aliens so they will most likely be the next ones to show up for sure! YIKES!