Canadian Geese Part 5

The canadian geese are back. I went out to the garden today and there they were. I wanted to give these two teenage hooligans a piece of my mind. The only trouble was that they were acting like they own the garden. They were walking all over the dirt. Now granted the garden is planted yet but I’m thinking just who do they think they are anyway. I’ve had about as much of these two as I can take. If they think for one minute that they will be walking around in the garden once we plant it I’m here to tell you they’ve got another thing coming. Who knows where they’ve been during their time away. They were definitely missing in action. I can honestly say that because they abandoned their own egg. I’d report them if I knew who to report them to.

They are gone for days and then they show up out of the blue. I’m telling you I would have actually shooed them away except that now that I know they can attack I don’t want to do battle with them. To top it off they didn’t even go over and check on their egg. Now I ask you what kind of an attitude is that! I have never seen anything like it in my life.

I would think they would have some sort of bonding to the egg even if it’s not a living egg. They don’t though. From what I saw they didn’t even look in the direction of the egg. I have learned a lot from these two wayward geese. I certainly hope that there are geese that care about their offspring. If they take off like these two did then I see no hope for the geese population.

I’m still checking on the egg every single day. I’m sure it’s just an egg but I feel like I have a responsibility to it. Why you ask? I have no idea! Not one animal in our yard has come to take this egg away. If it’s just an egg and it’s not going to hatch what am I supposed to do with it? Does anybody have an idea on this? Will this egg be here for a long time?

I’ve put less time into doing a lot of things than the time I’ve spent checking on this egg. I could have written 10 articles in the amount of time I’ve spent walking back and forth to the garden. Why I ask would two geese stop in this particular yard. In this particular city. In this particular state. I could have picked many places that would have been so much nicer.

There’s a nice lake not too far from here that would have been perfect for them. I’d actually like to give them directions to it. To tell you the truth I’d give them and their egg a ride there. I could drop them off and say see ya later. I’ve never felt so strongly about an animal in the yard before. I wonder if they are here because there are so many other animals that live here. I’m giving them their walking papers and telling them to go. I don’t care how they go but they need to go.

The funny thing about these geese is that I never see them fly. When they are here they are always just walking around. They seem a little arrogant if you ask me. They don’t even seem to care who I am. I’ve never seen such an attitude from an animal in my life.

I will continue to share updates until the geese leave and hopefully take their egg with them.