Canadian Geese Part 3

I have some very good news to report. Yesterday I kept looking out my window for the two big geese. They didn’t stop by for the entire day. I decided it was safe to take my dog Precious for a walk around 2:00. I was very cautious because the last thing I need is to get attacked by the geese. We started out for our walk and I decided to search to see what could have happened to the egg. I was hoping I would find a baby walking around. I walked all the way around the garden but I had no luck.

My next thought was to check in the woods. I started to walk over by the trees and you will never guess what I saw. At first I just got a glimpse of something white. I kept walking and my heart was pounding harder. I didn’t know what to think. As I got closer I knew it was my egg. We’ve now bonded so I consider this to be my egg. The egg was a little rough around the edges and it was much dirtier than when it was laying near the garden.

I looked at my egg for awhile and knew it was the same egg. We’ve been hanging out a lot together so I’ve become accustomed to the way it looks. I was a little distressed to see how dirty it was but what can you do. I didn’t want to touch it for fear the parents would get mad. I stood there pondering how in the world my egg got over by the woods. I came up with no logical conclusion. It doesn’t make sense to me. I must be missing something but I don’t know what. I was wondering why the parents hadn’t been back. That seemed very odd to me.

I checked this morning and the egg is still near the woods. I wonder who or what moved the egg. If it was an animal I’m surprised it didn’t eat the egg. We have raccoons, deer, chipmucks, groundhogs, fox and on and on that live in our yard. One time we even had a skunk. We’ve also got coyotes. The coyotes were brought in to take care of the deer population. I’m here to tell you that didn’t work. Now we’ve got lots of deer and lots of coyotes.

I’m so thankful I found my egg but this mystery is really puzzling me. I hope someone has an idea they can pass along to me. I was thinking the geese abondoned their egg so I started asking around to see if anyone had seen the parents. It turns out they’ve been hanging around our neighbor’s yard. So this brings my next question. Why did they leave our yard? They haven’t been here in two days. I wonder what’s really going on?

I will continue to watch my egg and hope it survives until it hatches. Those little white pieces that looked like part of a shell turned out to be nothing. Whatever they were it had nothing to do with my egg.

My egg is definitely in one piece. I consider my egg’s survival a miracle. Yesterday I was devastated but today I have hope. Not only did it survive but it moved to safer ground. I’m going to research how long it takes one of these eggs to hatch. I hope it’s soon so I can quit worrying about it.

All the worrying I’ve done about the parents was for nil because they’ve now moved to the neighbor’s and quite frankly I’m glad. I wanted them to find somewhere else to live. Actually I wish they’d moved on down the road a little bit farther. They are too close for comfort. Now I have all this added responsibility for this egg. I will say it’s making me a little bit nervous. I just don’t want the parents getting mad at me if something goes wrong.

How in the world this scenario has played out in my yard I have no idea. Did the universe think I was bored and needed a little excitement. I was enjoying my walks to the woods with my dog. They were peaceful and I was trying to give both of us a little exercise. Now we have to check the egg and watch for the parents and hope they don’t go insane if something happens to their offspring.

I will let everyone know if my egg hatches. That’s what I’m hoping for. I just don’t want the egg setting up house here. I want all of them to fly off into the sunset and live happily everafter. Is that too much to ask for?