Canadian Geese Part 2

I have a heavy heart today. We went in the back early this morning before daylight and the egg is gone. There’s a few pieces of the shell laying on the ground. Now I’m wondering what happened to the egg. I’m thinking if the egg hatched shouldn’t the whole shell be on the ground? Now what am I going to do?

Yesterday I walked in the back with our dog Precious just like I always do and the egg was there. This was around 2:00 in the afternoon. The funny thing about it was that the two geese were not there. No sight of them anywhere. That made me worry because I thought maybe they had abondoned their egg. My thought at that time was what in the world was I going to do with the egg if it hatched. Could the baby take care of itself? I really don’t know. Can they fly or do they need someone to teach them? How would I teach a baby to fly. That would definitely be an interesting event.

The egg is gone for sure. I’ve looked everywhere but there’s no egg. If the parents come back and the egg is gone I’m wondering what they will do? This could get very interesting. What if they think I did something to the egg? That is not a good thought! I’ve been watching out the window for their return.

Now I’m afraid to go outside. I really don’t feel like doing battle with two geese that have lost their egg. The best scenario is that the egg hatched and they all went off together. I don’t think that’s what really happened but that’s what I like to think happened.

Another thought is what if something really did happen to the egg and the geese go into some type of mouning pattern. What am I going to do with two very sad geese. Who do you call for something like that? Is there a hotline for depressed geese? Most likely not. Somehow I know this will not go good for me. Since I’m the only one that they’ve seen going for walks I just know they will blame me. YIKES!

Some of my friends have mentioned that they can get very mean and attack. This is a great thought and that’s why I’m in the house looking out the window. I wonder how long it will take them to make another egg? I was also thinking about how long it takes an egg to hatch? The size of the egg was huge. Maybe it takes a long time. I really don’t know.

If these two geese would have just listened to me and hid the egg maybe it would still be here. They had to do it their way and now this has happened. Laying an egg in the middle of the yard was not the smartest thing in the world to do. I wonder who was in charge? The male or the female? Whoever it was they really need to think things through the next time around. That is if there is a next time. I can only hope they go somewhere else to start their family.

I just don’t need this added pressure in my life. I think I’m going to have a cup of coffee and continue to check periodically to see if the parents return. If they do come back and it looks like they are really angry I’m skipping my walk today. I wonder how long they could possibly hold a grudge against me? My luck says it could be a lifetime! Not Good! At this point I have no plan. I will keep you all up to date on what is going on with these two canadian geese.