Canadian Eskimo Dog Breed

Not many dogs are known to be from Canada. One of the most popular is a somewhat small dog called the Canadian Eskimo Dog. This arctic breed has been used as a working class animal for many years among the Inuits all along the Canadian coast. They have been known as being one of the agile sled dogs.


These dogs are quite indigenous to their land. They have been all along Canada for almost 4000 years retaining the same look they have today. Back in those years, they were an all purpose dog to the native peoples living in North America. They were used as a working dog, a hunting dog for game, a sled dog, and of course a friendly companion. The introduction of the snowmobile has caused used these dog to be much more rare in modern years, although some Inuit people keep up with the tradition of using these Eskimo dogs.


These dogs have a slim and athletic looking figure due to being a working dog through all its years of life. They have a small circular head with a usually brown nose and even smaller muzzle. They have high triangular ears that point up. Their coats are double and thick with some coarse hairs on their underbelly to keep the wetness and damp cold from reaching their skin. Although they are a somewhat small medium build dog, they can reach up to eighty pounds. The most common color among them is patches of brown grey and white. Some have a brown patch on their heads with an all white body.


They are known as one of the most alert of the sled dogs. They are perfect at navigation through icy tundra and have an intelligent mind to keep track of where they are going, much like when someone is steering a horse. Because of this, they grow extremely close with their owners and have an inseparable bond. They actually enjoy the cold weather and when used as sled dogs, they even hunt for their own food. Being a spitz dog, they are known to be warm to strangers and children.

Grooming and Health

Canadian Eskimo dogs need a lot of grooming daily to make sure they do not over shed. This is much needed more so during those hot summer months where they can shed profusely. They need to be walked daily to keep their health up. They do not have any breed related diseases other than they need to have much physical activity to keep their hearts healthy. Eskimo dogs can live up to seventeen years which is a long time for a dog.

Canadian Eskimo dogs are definitely for anyone living in a cold environment and want a dog that is not phased by the temperature.