Canadian Business Loan Financing ‘” Pain or Pleasure ? Mastering Finance Success with Equipment Lease Companies

You’ve been there before. Does this sound familiar? You need to acquire costly assets for your company and don’t want to utilize your cash reserves of business operating credit to acquire asset financing.

Yes of course you could get a traditional term loan via your chartered bank, but if you are a small or medium sized business and unable to access term financing what are your available options? The answer is a business financing lease loan via Canadian equipment lease companies.

Why are some firms successful in both obtaining approval for their leased asset needs, and at the same time seemingly able to get the payments they want to sustain their cash flow and working capital.

Let’s examine some key info, strategies, tips, and types of solutions available to Canadian business owners and financial managers.

You will find first of all, and this is a key driver in business financing and equipment leasing… that approval for your transaction is much easier to obtian than other types of asset finance. Most business owners don’t understand the very simple process involved in acquiring asset financing via equipment lease companies in Canada. To prove our point it’s simply a fact that in North America Billions, yes billions of dollars of assets are lease financed.

A typical approval process is simply a standard credit application, appropriate financial disclosure, and a copy of a quote or invoice from your chosen vendor. It’s as simple as that. Naturally the larger the transaction size the more info you might have to provide re financial statements, etc.

Many businesses aren’t aware that a huge part of the equipment lease industry in Canada utilizes whats known as an ‘ app only ‘ approval process, with you as a business owner providing only a standard application, with most approvals done via automatic scoring, via the lessors ‘ point system ‘ criteria around your years in business , payment record to suppliers , etc.

You have truly mastered equipment lease business financing when you fully comprehend the fact that almost any asset, even some intangibles (i.e. software) can be financed. Its

when you make your lease and loan finance decision a part of your overall long term financing strategy that you suddenly realize that every asset that is both costly and depreciates probably makes sense in your overall lease financing strategy .

Successful lease finance lets you keep and grow your cash reserves, allowing you to survive against that constant battle with your competitors. One of the smartest things you can do is to develop relationships with equipment lease companies that will over a long term basis provide you with ongoing lease lines of credit for all your asset needs. The industry itself refers to this strategy as an ‘ evergreen ‘ scenario, one in which your firm is constantly refreshing its assets to generate sales and profits.

How many times have you felt that sales and profits are growing, you seem to be winning the competitive battle, but cash flow is a challenge due the to the heavy investment you have in assets such as receivables and inventory . That’s when business financing via a n equipment lease makes your overall success complete, as you retain that much needed operating cash flow for growth and sales, letting lease and loan finance hand the asset acquisition part of your growth plan .

Let’s get one thing straight. The reason leasing companies in Canada exist is simply their own mandate to generate lease transactions! Criteria for approval is significantly different than a more traditional banking approach, with heavy emphasis placed on the asset as collateral, as well as its ability to generate profits and sales for your company . Many business owners are surprised to hear that even start ups or very young firms can generate significant lease financing approvals for assets they need to grow the business.

We’ve focused on issue such as approval, types of assets, and alternatives to traditional financing in looking at your relationship with equipment lease companies. But don’t forget also the other major benefits of this asset acquisition strategy, some of which may be more important than others to your firm. They include tax and balance sheet advantages, improving your ability to manage obsolescence in assets.

We can guarantee you that you’ll only master and be successful in lease financing when you understand the make up of the Canadian equipment lease landscape. Knowing who to talk to and whats available will put you significant ahead of the pack. Speak to a trusted, credible and experience Canadian business financing advisor for assistance in dealing with equipment leasing companies to your advantage.