Canada’s Major Employers in the Financial Services Sector

Canada has a very strong financial system in place, it has many global financial institutions, most are headquartered in Toronto; here are profiles of some of its major employers in the finance sector.

Toronto Stock Exchange

One of the top 5 stock exchanges in the world, and 2nd largest stock exchange by market capitalization in North America. TSX is also a major employer, they are constantly looking for professionals in a number of sectors: business development, sales & marketing, and more and more technology related professionals ‘” as the trading volume on TSX has been climbing everyday.

Thomson Reuters

One of the world’s largest media companies. It is headquartered in New York City, but it also has very significant operation in Toronto, just across the Toronto Stock Exchange. In many cases, Thomson Reuters’ Canadian operation also provides supports to its NYC headquarter office. They are always looking for journalists, financial writers, producers and those with artistic skills for layouts; with social media is also a big component for Thomson Reuters now.

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

RBC is a Canadian icon, and is one of Canada’s largest banks, it is also a well known global bank. RBC has both retail and institutional client bases ‘” its institutional division is highly diversified; which include corporate banking, investment funds, venture capital, research, private equity and international investments. RBC has been growing, and has been attracting talent for both the retail and institutional divisions; they are also opening various branches across Toronto at moment; which also require bankers to work at individual branches.

Scotia Bank

Scotiabank (Bank of Nova Scotia) is the fastest growing bank in Canada. They have opened multiple branches recently in GTA; and also expanding its international presence, especially in the Central & South American markets. Its success in attracting new immigrants have also strengthened its presence amongst the multicultural communities in Canada. Recently, Scotiabank has been expanding its institutional division, particularly in the resources/mining sectors, which it has been recruiting several mining analysts; also sales & marketing positions for its mutual funds division. Its IT division is another fast-growing segment, as it is currently rolling out multiple IT projects; as well as hiring for managers to oversee all the different websites it has. It also requires many multi-lingual speaking staff.