Can You Really Find a Job Through Twitter?

Although it seems to have been around for decades, Twitter is a relatively new social networking platform, clocking in at just five years old. Twitter has allowed us to connect with people we may have not been able to before, from celebrities to politicians to CEOs.

Twitter’s influence goes far beyond connecting with famous people, though. When used to its full potential, Twitter can actually help you find you a job. Really. Here’s how:

Revamp your profile. Okay, Twitter has one of the most limited character counts out there. However, it’s the succinct nature of the platform that will help you get noticed. No one wants to read a book about your life when they first meet you. Twitter allows you to let people know what you’re all about in the simplest way possible.

Use this to your advantage and revamp your Twitter profile to reflect your current job seeking status. State that you are looking for a job, the industry you’re interested, if you’re willing to relocate, and a few interests. Also, it’s important to put a link to your website or blog. The combination of the above will help you get found and get noticed by those you want to connect with.

Follow influencers. Influencers are those people who may have considerable leverage with an organization or with a person in power. Influencers can be anyone from a hiring manager, a thought leader, or even a current employee at the organization you’re interested in. You can likely find the names of these people on LinkedIn, but connecting with them on Twitter is a more casual way to get your foot in the door. After all, these people probably get bombarded with requests on LinkedIn all the time. Networking on Twitter can allow you to have an actual conversation, quickly and easily.

Twitter chats. Twitter chats are a fantastic resource to gain industry knowledge and connect with like-minded individuals. Chats are usually held multiple times a week and revolve around a particular industry topics. For example, the weekly Twitter chat #careerchat involves topics like job hunting, finding mentors, standing out from the crowd, etc. You learn, yet connect with powerful individuals at the same time. Further, many of the people involved are looking for talent, which is something you can portray by participating in these chats.

Make lists. In order to keep track of all the people you’ve met on Twitter, you should think about making Twitter lists. These lists should be organized thoroughly so you know who you’ve talked to and who may have an impact on your job search. Separate users by industry, interest, occupation, etc. so you can follow, network, and reconnect once you’ve established a relationship.

Have you found a job through Twitter?