Can You Get Healthy with Chocolate

I am not one to write reviews on products or services unless I feel strongly about them, so for me to take the time to write this one truly means I am impressed with the products that Wellness with Chocolate offers.

Anyone who knows me knows I am not much of a candy person. Although I do enjoy an occasional glass of chocolate milk, it is rare occasions I even have that, and cake and cookies.. hardly ever.. with the exception of cheesecake.. :-) So when I was first introduced to Wellness with Chocolate I was to say the least, skeptical. I read the information about it and definitely knew I could use the extra antioxidants. Already taking enough in the manner of daily vitamins, fish oil, etc.. another pill was the last thing I wanted to do.. The fish oil pills I take alone are like horse pills! With noting to lose and curiosity heightened, I thought, what the hell. Can’t hurt to try, and if I didn’t like it, the boys could always eat it as they are chocolate fiends!

When my Wellness With Chocolate sample pack first arrived I was first impressed with the shiny fine mesh bag that the chocolate was presented in with the purple draw on it embellished with the Wellness With Chocolate label. It sure looked rich.. but was it as great as it looked? Well much to my surprise it was! The Wellness With Chocolate Xocai chocolates is not sickeningly sweet like most chocolates, it is rich like an expensive dark chocolate. That was an automatic plus! I knew this was something I could do and have a enjoyable time doing so plus it said it was good for me. That was yet to be seen.

After a week of eating the various Xocai chocolate squares and nuggets I did feel a better level of energy and over all difference. I can’t put it in words so well, but I did feel good. I have been eating the Xocai Chocolates from Wellness With Chocolate for about a month now.. Energy has improved, attention has improved, and the feeling of never getting enough sleep has disappeared! I know there are certain recommendations for different things you want to achieve with Wellness with Chocolate from energy, to weight loss, to various other health reasons. Mine was to help with my Adult Attention Deficit, lack of energy, and my constant feeling for the need of sleep. It has helped on all three issues by merely eating a few squares of chocolate a day. :-)

Now, as I said before.. I am not big on reviews unless they are honest so allow me to give you my take on the various products Wellness With Chocolate offers. I have tried almost all of them and have some favorites and a few not so favorite.

My favorites are without a doubt the Xocai X-Power, the ZoBiotic Squares, the Xocai Nuggets, and the Xocai Xe (Xocai Energy) Drink! The Xocai Xe is similar to the 5 Hour Energy drink but has it beat hands down by 100x’s over and that is no exaggeration!

There were only two products of Wellness With Chocolate that was a bit much for me and that was the Xocai Protein Bar and the X-Power House Cookie. They were far to rich for me. I couldn’t eat the protein bar in one setting. It took me most of a day. But again, allow me to reiterate – I do not care for cakes and cookie type food in general so I am sure that plays a role in it.

Overall, I give Wellness With Chocolate 4 1/2 stars out of 5!