Can “The Voice” TV Show Overtake “The American Idol” TV Show as Favorite Music Reality Show?

Watching “The Voice, The Blind Auditions” TV Show with Carson Daly as emcee.

The premise of this newest music reality show is that there are four coaches, who are not judges, and they will choose eight singers to be on their own individual ‘team’ to ‘coach’ and try to help become singing stars with the ultimate goal of winning the top spot on the show.

The only two coaches that we knew going into this show were country artist Blake Shelton, and popular female star Christina Aquilera.

The other two ‘coaches’ are CeeLo Green and Adam Levine.

The ‘blind auditions’ are so-titled because when the singer is on the stage performing, the ‘coaches’ are in revolving chairs with their backs turned to the singer. Therefore, the aspiring singer on “The Voice” TV Show is either helped or harmed and ultimately accepted or rejected by the fact that the coaches are unable to see them as they perform, as they are only ‘judged’ on their voices and singing skills alone.

If a coach likes a singer, he or she presses a buzzer, turns their chair around before the singer completes the song, and a light comes on saying “I Want You’. If more than one coach turns around, the contestant must then choose which artist will be their coach.

If none turn around, that means the end of the road for that aspiring singer.

‘Friendly competition’ as Christina says. Each coach must garner eight singers for their team, and the fight is on!

1.) The first contestant had an amazing voice and reminded me of Mandisa, the former “American Idol” contestant who is from Nashville. Her name is Tarralyn Ramsey, she is age 31, from Jacksonville Florida.

Two coaches turned around, CeeLo and Christina.

Christina was chosen by this contestant as her coach.

2.) Patrick Thomas, age 20, from Nashville, sang “Live Like You Were Dying”.

Three of the coaches turned around, the three males, but not Christina.

Blake says ‘I have the avenues to make you a country star’

Patrick chose Blake: ‘because of country connection, gotta go with Blake’.

3.) Jared Blake sang “Good Girls Go Bad”

No one turned around, so he wasn’t chosen by any of the coaches.

It just ‘didn’t work out for him’.

4.) Vicci Martinez, from Tacoma, WA sang “Rolling in the Deep” which was a toe-tapping song and she was giving a great performance.

Two judges turned around, CeeLo and Christina.

Christina really liked the performance.

CeeLo Green says ‘you inspired me’.

Vicci chose CeeLo and told him, “You said something about my singing being from the heart.”

5.) Tonight’s first duo is ‘Elenowen’, composed of Josh and Nicole from Nashville. They are married and living in her parents’ basement.

They said “If things don’t work out – it’s back to the basement, which is not an ideal situation”.

Two judges turned around, CeeLo and Blake.

CeeLo said he could see them being ‘like Sonny and Cher”.

Blake said they need to keep their relationship intact and told them, “I know how to help y’all to protect that”.

After much thought and contemplation, they chose Blake.

6.) Sonia Rao, age 24, from Italty, sang “If I Ain’t Got You”.

No one chose her, Christina said ‘but the train does not stop here with us’.

7.) Frenchie Davis, age 31, from Los Angeles, CA sang, “I Kissed A Girl”.

Christina turned around, but none of the males.

CeeLo said ‘great choice of song, I can relate to it’.

Christina thought Frenchie really ‘found her way’ and said she liked it.

8.) Kelsey Ray, from Florida sings “American Boy”.

CeeLo and Adam turned around, then Christina did, so everybody but Blake turned around.

She chose CeeLo.

9.) From Jones Creek TX, age 22, Jeff Jenkins, who said he’d lost his mom about 10 months ago. He said “It’s not about fame, not about fortune, but about being a voice for people like my mom” and “This one’s for you, Mom.”

He sang, “Bless the Broken Road”.

All four coaches turned around, with Adam and CeeLo turning around together, then Christina, then right before the end, Blake.

Blake said “Whatever kind of singing you want to do, you’re that good.”

Jeff chose Adam, so that’s the first singer on Adam Levine’s team.

10.) A homeless musician Rebecca Leobe, age 27, from Atlanta GA, sang “Come As You Are”.

Adam and Christina turned around.

Adam said “That kind of creativity, I felt it and pressed the button”.

Christina said it was inspiring, and “Why didn’t I think of that?” and “I’d love to work with you.”

But Rebecca chose Adam.

11.) Joann Rizzo, age 56, of Freehold NJ said “This is my time to shine” and “I would like to be the winner, to prove to my children”. She sang ‘I Say a Little Prayer’.

But no one chose her.

12.) Xenia, age 16, from California sang a moving song, “Break Even”.

CeeLo hit his buzzer and turned around, then Blake did too.

Some rivalry with CeeLo and Blake spurs some insults but lots of good vibe over her ‘raspy voice’.

Xenia said ‘it’s really hard’ but then she chooses Blake.

13.) Tje (pronounced as ‘Tye’) Austin, age 27, of Austin TX, sings “Just the Way You Are”.

CeeLo said, “I heard myself when I was listening to you”.

Christina was mad because she didn’t turn around and wanted to go back so she could press her buzzer and turn around.

Adam said ‘something special about you and I’d love to work with you’.

Tje chose CeeLo.

14.) Javier Colon of Stratford Conn, age 33, sang a great version of “Time After Time”

Adam and CeeLo both turn around. Then Christina, and finally, near the end, Blake.

CeeLo said it was perfect

Adam said “I really need you to pick me”.

Blake said “I’m a fan, I’m buying what you’re selling.”

Christina said “You made it your own”.

Javier chose Adam.

15.) The last singer of the night, 41 year old from Ft Lauderdale, Florida, Beverly McClellan sang “”Piece of My Heart”.

Adam and Christina both turned around.

Christina: “You have an amazing voice”.

Adam then tried to persuade her to his team: “I absolutely have to work with you”.

But Beverly chose Christina.

Each coach now has three of their eight allotted artists on their team and the coaches will be preparing their singers for the face off.

Two artists will sing the same song on same stage. After eliminations, each coach will be left with only four artists to groom to try to win the show’s top spot.

The next choosing of contestants to round out the show will happen next Tuesday. An encore of the first show will air on Wednesday night at 9 pm ET, on the NBC Network.

What is really neat about this show is that the audience is given the Twitter address to contact the coaches.

If we had to pick from this group, we’d probably say the one listed here as #14, Javier Colon would be our choice. Whether it was him or whether it was the song he sang, we’re not sure, because he was good, but we also love “Time After Time.”

We liked “The Voice” TV Show. It is a different format from “American Idol”. We think it has a good chance of overtaking that old standby that we’ve all loved for a decade or so.

We did enjoy the show and will be watching it in the next episodes.


NBC Network, WSMV Channel 4, Nashville, Tennessee