Can the Protestors in Front of the White House Help to Bring Human Rights Peacefully to Other Countries?

Why are some Sacramento Syrian-American families peacefully protesting in front of the White House today at Lafayette Park? It’s because numerous families in Sacramento have relatives across the country who have invited them to come out and protest for human rights. And interestingly, the peaceful protest is open to the public. Did you ever wonder why someone from Sacramento would travel thousands of miles to protest in Lafayette Park? Also see, the Syrian Emergency Task Force website. Check out the uTube video, Syrian Independence Day Protest at Lafayette Park, Washington, DC., April 2011.

How does this relate to Sacramento? Sacramento has a growing Syrian American population. Just check out how many Syrian and Middle Eastern food markets and restaurants are located along Fulton Avenue in Sacramento. See the website, Arabic food Sacramento. Also see the Middle Eastern Restaurants in Sacramento website.

Some Sacramento Syrian Americans with ethnic roots or ancestry in Latakia, are watching the Syrian Uprising from the comfort of local news online and in the mainstream media, what little coverage Sacramento has of the uprising.

Finally, numerous Syrian Americans in Sacramento and also, of course, many of the people of Syria are demanding that the Syrian President leave office. Sacramento has a growing Syrian American community made up of diverse ethnic groups such as Christians, Muslims, Armenians from Syria, Druze, and other ethnic groups that at one time lived in Syria.

Some Sacramento women are married to Syrian nationals or spouses of Syrian ancestry who have relatives in Latakia and other Syrian cities. View the video on uTube where Syrian Americans protest in front of the White House in Washington, DC, along with Americans from Libya and Yemen on March 27, 2011.

It’s because the human rights for all ethnicity groups and religions in Syria is a revolution that focuses on transforming a country that has been ruled with an iron fist for eons. And it concerns Americans with relatives whose ancestors have lived in Syria at one time or another and those who are interested in human rights for all. As far as media and culture, most of the protestors have video cameras and are posting what is happening at the protests and over in Syria on uTube.

What happens next is up to the people and the world as human beings connected by a shared past, whether this past goes back 2,500 years, 40,000 years, or one generation. We are all connected. That’s the point when it comes to human rights.

Folks, the peaceful protest is open to diverse peoples: The Syrian American communities across the USA met today, Saturday, April 23rd, at noon in front of Lafayette Park, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington DC, near the White House, to peacefully protest for human rights. For further information, email Syrian Net Organization. Or email: [email protected] Also see the article, “No one owns Syria’s uprising.” Also see on uTube video the Free Media Syria website, which has numerous videos on uTube related to the Syrian uprisings.

According to the Syria Net Organization’s flyer, “the continuation of the Syrian regime’s policy of murder, repression and terrorism will not limit the voices advocating freedom and will not stop supporting our beloved in Syria.”

According to the news from the Syrian Emergency Task Force and the Syrian community in the United States of America and Canada, the public is invited to join the demonstration which is taking place in the afternoon today in front of the White House in the Lafayette Park in Washington DC..

The hours are between noon and 4:00 pm. The organizations of Syrian Americans and Syrians in America report in their flyer, “To express our determination to deliver the voice of the Syrian people of what the Syrian regime’s policies and criminal acts, which exceeded all of repression, killing and intimidation of human rights and enslavement of the Syrian citizens.”

These Syrian American organizations note that they, call on all free humans of all religions and ethnic origins–as well as the Syrian, Arab, and Islamic communities in the USA and anywhere else to “stand with the people of Syria and against the corrupt authoritarian regime that exercised all the means of the military repression and the murder and torture and oppression against our people in all provinces.”

The organizations’ flyer notes, “We hope the community of and every free person in the United States of America and Canada for your participation with us in this demonstration in support of the Syrian People.”

For Further information please contact the community at [email protected], or check out the website, Syrian Net.