Can I Create Sultry Summer Blonde Highlights Using Lemon Juice on Dark Brown to Black Hair or Hair that is Severely Dry?

Can I create sultry summer blonde highlights using lemon juice on dark brown to black hair or hair that is severely dry? With the warmer weather approaching, many women and men are getting hyped up and considering a new look such as highlights or going lighter. Yes, highlights look wonderful and can be done so many different ways, but you have to consider the condition of your hair, color, and skin-tone. If not you’r going to look quite foolish.

Creating Color On Dark Hair

Lemon juice is a great alternative, but you must consider the levels needed to be lifted. A dark brown is a level 3, and black is a level 1. Now if you are trying to lift the hair with lemon juice to a level 7/8 there’s no way. Lemon juice can only lift one to two shades if your lucky enough to bypass that nasty orange stage. On dark brown to black hair, your hair might budge slightly to give you just a glimpse of a reddish highlight in the sun, but don’t expect to see real light highlights unless you bleach or lighten your hair properly first.

Preparing Dark Hair For Summer Highlights Before The Lemon Juice

If you insist on lightening your hair using the lemon juice, you need to prep the hair first. I know the word “bleach” scares a lot of people therefore I’m going to give you another way to lighten.

Take a bottle of clarifying shampoo, medicated shampoo, or Pert. Mix some shampoo with 30 volume cream hair peroxide. Apply the mixture to the hair and process for 10-12 minutes. Rinse out with cold water, and condition the hair. If your hair is dark brown to black hair it should have at least lightened up a few levels.

Towel dry the hair, and apply the lemon juice. Place a plastic processing cap over the head. If you can, go hang outside for about an hour in the sun. If not hold a blowdryer up to your hair for 15 minutes if possible. Then after the 15 minutes, allow the lemon juice to process for another 5-9 minutes. Once you have the desired color highlight rinse off with cold water and air dry.

Hair Too Dry, Can I Still Use The Lemon juice?

You can but first you need to soften the hair up. A great softener that will condition the hair, make the hair softer, and add shine is an avocado. Mash up a few avocados into a bowl. Then place all over the hair. Leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse with warm water, then cold. Towel dry the hair. Then apply a small amount of baby oil onto the hair. Last but not least, apply the lemon juice as follow directions mentioned above.

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