Can Heat Matchup with the Celtics?

Before the playoffs started,I predicted that Celtics Knicks series would go for 7 games and Celtics would beat Knicks eventually.But looking at the current result,where Celtics swept the Knicks,Celtics look too dangerous than they were before the series.

People might argue that Knicks were undermanned and they did not have Billups or an healthy Stoudemire.I am doubtful if that might have made a difference.Maybe the Knicks could have won one game at home or maximum two.There is no way Knicks could have beaten Celtics or took them to Game 7.

Even without Shaq,Cetlics dominated.It all again comes to matchup.Stoudemire is not a great defender and he cant stop KG.There is no way Ray Allen is not going to be open.Paul Pierce and Anthony matchup well and again Melo cannot defend well.So Knicks were not equal to Cetlics in any way.Rondo evolved as a scorer again.

Lets get to the Heat.Miami is prone for the defense and swiftness for long time.Add a Super Star who can run,dunk,block and do it all to the roster.They are terrific in Defense.At times they go cold in offense but in that case their defense steps up.First 3 games,they went down to Philly in first quarter.They came back to win through their defense.Wade might be an underrated defender.He is swift and very tough defender.He can steal and run past you like a FLASH.

Pierce and Lebron will be a terrific matchup.Jeff Green will switch with Pierce for defending Lebron.Rondo and Bibby will be a good matchup.Rondo can beat Bibby in speed.Key here is to guard Ray Allen.Doc Rivers always comes up with terrific off the ball screen plays for Allen to get him open.Interesting matchup would be between KG and Bosh.KG is a very player and will be physical and he is their emotional leader.Keeping him under check is a huge task for Bosh.With his length,KG can defend well.Both players can make jump shots.But with Shaq still uncertain,Celtics will miss the strong inside presence once Perkins provided.

With Jermaine O’Neal,Celtics can live with for a while.But Lebron and Wade are good in taking contacts and going to free throw line.Lebron and Wade have been wounded terribly by Celtics in the past post and regular seasons.Lebron would be waiting to go past Celtics to the next round and after all the South Beach Terrific Trio was formed to beat the Celtics and uproot their dynasty.This is a statement matchup.If the Heat cannot beat Celtics with this trio,there is no use in getting them together.

Yes.Celtics beat Heat 3 times,this regular season.But once we get to playoffs,its 0-0.Celtics did struggle a bit against Knicks at times.Heat will try to exploit that.Also Heat has the homecourt advantage.Its imperative that they win atleast 1 at their home and 1 at Celtics.Its going to be a terrific matchup.Winner of this contest will win the EAST.Bulls looked good in season but in playoffs they are depending too much on Rose.One man cannot beat Celtics or Heat.

Celtics and Heat series will goto Game 7 for sure and Heat will beat the Celtics at South Beach..