Cameron’s Of the West and Muslim States

If you are Pakistani you should work for eliminating terrorism other wise you have no place in the comity of the nations on the face of the earth. It is the dictation of the time and you have to yield to it. Every citizen of the non Muslim world thinks and says this even in his dreams. It is the magic of western media that has enchanted and enthralled the world in the name of terrorism. Gone are the days when Soviet Union was the enemy of the humanity and was presented in the same way by the western biased media.. Only the Muslim rulers do so to please their masters. There are few examples of any foreign rulers who visited India and Pakistan jointly and reprimanded India for committing atrocities against Kashmir’s or Tamils or communists. But when he visits Pakistan or any other Muslim country he advises the ruler to fight against terrorism (their own country men). They have made terrorism synonymous to Islam. Is there any state in the world that can be called ideal as far as law and order situation is concerned? Even the America is not safe. On the contrary when a Muslim leader visits western countries, he is humiliated and asked to do more about terrorism other wise he would not be able to get share in the development aids of World Bank and IMF.

Muslim presents guard of honor to the foreign visitors and in return they demand guard of terrorism. If Muslims try to reveal the realities, they are snubbed and threatened of bad consequences. Do more is the name of the game being played with not only with Pakistan but also with all the Muslim countries. Like a high placed inspecting officer who visits his department and find fault with the arrangement, the western visitors behaves in such a manner as they are the real rulers of the Muslims. As Imran Khan -the leader of the Tehrik-i- Insaf has said many times, the Muslims are being made to kill their Muslim brethren in the name of terrorism. The dollars find ‘mushes’ and ‘karzais’ very easily among the Muslims and enhance their policies. Media is their main weapon and has crossed all the boundaries of favoritism and partiality. The media is backed by the ‘Cameron’s’ of the west. Whenever they divulge a word it is the terrorism, they spoke to the assemblies harp on the same string. They arrange press conferences and say that Muslims should fight against terrorism tooth and nail. If some Muslim leader or journalist dare to ask a question or wants to clarify that there is no terrorism he disappears and never comes to light. It is not the only David Cameron of England but all the Cameron’s of the west speak the same language. They dictate their orders either they visit Muslim states or call some Muslim leader to their countries. There is no state on the face of the earth that kills its citizens without trials and in abundance but Muslim states. Because the Muslim rulers think that they western rulers) are strong and time knows that might is always right.