Calypso for Target Debuts May 1, 2011

If the rising gas prices have you reconsidering a resort vacation, or if that was all in your imagination anyway, you can still look the part. Target is releasing it’s latest designer collaboration May 1, 2011. Calypso for Target collection debuts just in time for Mother’s Day shopping. Beautiful resort-style clothing, swimwear, accessories and home goods will range from $1.99 to $79.99 both in stores and online.

Be ready, the buzz is that this collection will be snapped up as quickly as it hits the shelves. The promotion is expected to hit around 1,200 Target stores and will run from May 1 through June 11.

Calypso St. Barth
The company, Calypso St. Barth, officially launched in 1992. It is known for “globally inspired” resort-wear full of flowing colored silk, embroidered tunics and signature beach styles.

Anyone who “knew me when” will remember the silky harem pants I frequently wore to high school. My mom lived this style well before it was trendy. While I inherited her fashion sense, my sewing skills leave a bit to be desired so I will be first in line for a pair of harem pants if, for nothing else, a walk down memory lane.

Sized to fit
Boho chic won’t be limited to the junior department like some of the designer collaborations in Target’s not so distant past. Calypso will thankfully feature both petite and plus-size looks. Mom and daughter can even be all matchy-matchy for Mother’s Day brunch since Calypso will also be introducing little girl clothing as a part of the collection.

Not only will they be sized to fit every-woman, you will be able to feel the difference in this collection. Those who have been privy to a preview have reported that many of the designs are created with luscious natural fibers like silk and cotton voile.

Fancy Feet
Island-style footwear is another highlight of the collection. Pick out of pair of trendy canvas wedge espadrilles for $29.99 or bright flip flops for $12.99. Calypso is leaving no part of your imaginary vacation out. They are also showing sleepwear and intimates highlighted with crochet.

Pretty home fashions
The home products will make you want to dust the cobwebs out of the way to make way for the bright world of Moroccan colors. The throw pillows and vases will make an impact, but I am looking forward to snatching up a sweet gold pouf for a footstool. My sad little leather footstool has seen better days and will gladly give up it’s post for a fancy new fella.


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