Call of Duty: Black Ops Tips – Coordinating Killstreaks

Call of Duty: Black Ops is still one of the hottest first-person shooters on the market these days. With the release of the newest downloadable content not too long ago – the Escalation pack – players are rustling around in the Call of Duty world more than ever.

One innovative way to get a leg up over the competition is to coordinate killstreaks; Not only with team members, but with yourself also.

Coordinating With Team Members
Team members are a vital part of your arsenal. While many players enjoy going off on their own Rambo-style, it generally takes deep team coordination and communication to seal the deal.

While players cannot actually “combine” killstreaks (it would be nice if you should shoot a turret out a helicopter manned by a buddy), there are ways to innovate.

For example, one idea that I personally had was to combine two or more Napalm Strike killstreaks (5-kill streak). Each player that acquired one would lay down them in a crossing fashion over and/or around a hot spot. This tactic would also work extremely well in game types that contain objectives such as Demolition, Domination, or Capture The Flag. What ensues is temporary mass chaos, as enemy players are either caught in the fire itself, or are stuck in certain areas, essentially giving you and your team the upper hand to capture certain objectives or defend them. Just watch out that you, yourself, don’t get burned. Also, watch out for friendly fire in Hardcore game modes.

Another tactic, although somewhat cheap, is to run Hardline and use the RC-XD as one of your killstreaks. Do this with one of your team members, and stack them for some time. Choose a time, or a stacked amount, in which you and another team member (or more) want to sit back and let them roll. I’ve seen this done before, and it’s truly chaotic, especially on Nuketown or the other smaller maps where running is futile. Watch out for staircases and weird inclines – they’re truly an RC-XD’s worst nightmare in terms of staying in control of the remote vehicle.

The last tactic I’ll give you may seem idealistic, but many teams don’t run it. However, I have found that being on teams that run this tactic generally come out on top, and it’s so simple! Have most of the members on your team run Spy Plane and Counter Spy Plane. Although these are lower end killstreaks, you have no idea how immensely helpful this is (well, in most scenarios – Counter Spy Plane is almost useless in Hardcore game modes, and Spy Planes are useless when everyone is running Ghost). Keep these up constantly, and ensure that communication is open with team mates for timing. Watch and listen for when a team members use the Spy Plane so you don’t waste yours. The Counter Spy Plane is icing on the cake, as many players depend on their mini-map (except in Hardcore game modes). Keep their mini-map down will make flanking and stealth tactics much easier.

Although I love using team work, it’s not always available. Here are a couple of ways to “self-coordinate” with your own killstreaks.

One way is to run Spy Plane > Napalm Strike / Mortar Team as two of your killstreaks. Acquire the Napalm / Mortar, and then keep playing. When you die, re-acquire another Spy Plane and use it – now you, yourself, have opened up the locations of potential enemies (except those using Ghost), and can bomb them accordingly.

The last tactic I have for you is to run Napalm Strike > Mortar Team > Blackbird. Essentially this is just like the first idea in this section, merely glorified to a more accurate, and revealing, standard. Since Blackbirds reveal everyone – even those pesky players using the Ghost perk – you’re more likely to obtain more kills. Keep in mind that the Napalm Strike and Mortar Team killstreaks generally don’t go through buildings, although there have been a few instances; Your best chance is to go with “open” areas that are also tight at the same time such as alleyways.

I can’t give out all of the ideas. With such an array of killstreaks you, and your friends, can innovate and create new ideas. Remember, communication is the key to success when using teamwork-based tactics.