California Assemblymen Meet with Texas Governor Rick Perry

They were there. California Assemblymen and women tripped over to Texas. They met with Texas Governor Rick Perry to try to learn why California businesses are pulling up stakes and moving to Texas.

You can watch the video here of opening remarks. Recall, California Assemblyman Dan Logue (R) organized the journey. Concerned about California’s business exodus, he’s trying to do something positive to stem that tide.

Liberal body language
Gavin Newsom (D) horned in on the trip. Newsom isn’t an Assembly member but rather California’s Lieutenant Governor. He would assume California’s governorship should anything happen to current Gov. Jerry Brown.

It’s difficult to presume that Newsom would learn much from a pro-business state leader like Rick Perry. Newsom’s posturing in the video suggests he regarded the trip as a photo op instead.

In the right seat
It’s interesting to note that Logue (R) is seated to the right of Rick Perry, and Newsom (D) is seated to his left. Could it be that their positions at the panel table reflect political leanings? Perhaps so, but Logue knows the right place to be.

Hostility to business
Just as the seating was probably planned, the business exodus out of California appears as a planned strategy to rid the state of all that used to be good in the Golden State. This means business, and they mean business in ridding the state of it fast.

California is full of people who have already made it big in business and now reap the benefits of a warm, sunny, beautiful state. Those trying to garner that success now simply can’t do it. Not there. Not anymore.

Why? That’s what the trip to Texas is all about. What happened to California that it once had, but has no more? A hostile business environment exists in environmental paradise.

Rick Perry speaks
California’s lucky to have a guy like you,” Rick Perry said while looking at Logue. Note that the remark was not cast in the other direction.

Perry went on to give the secrets of Texas’s success. If you listened with an open mind and accepted the message, hearing his words were worth the trip right then and there.

On big government:I’m vocal on criticism of Federal government.

On Obamacare:Healthcare bill is going to be very onerous to a state like California.”

On California governance:Something over the years hasn’t worked perfect[ly].”

On public vs private sector:Let the private sector do what the private sector does best.”

On state government:Keep a [sound] business climate in place. It’s the most important thing a [state] government does.”

Keys to success:Keep taxes low and a regulatory climate that’s [fair].”

If that doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what further discussion will. Many CA Assembly members really do wonder why business leaves the state in huge numbers. Population moves out as well. Liberals blame it on everything from Bush to Big Oil, from the rich to the richer, while the effects of excessive taxation, over-regulation of business, and runaway entitlement spending punish the poorest the most.

The key to success for any state-California included–is there in Rick Perry’s own words. I wonder whether anyone besides Dan Logue got the message.