Cabela’s African Safari Playstion 2 Game

This game is about what it is like being in africa. To be able to see what it is like to hunt in africa. You hunt different animals in africa compare to what you normally would hunt in your own country. When you go hunting you need to be alert of your surroundings near by. If not a wild animal of some kind will attack you.
The Features in the game there is forty safari adventures with over thirty exotic species. In africa there is five africa countries. In the game there is massive herd hunting along with all new blind hunting. You get your choice of caliber weapons to hunt with. This is a one player game. Rating is teen with blood and violence.
This game is one of my favorite to play. i played this game for a long time before i could succed the whole game. I like playing any Cabela’s games. There is alot of challenges and many adventures in Cabela’s gaming. I don’t have all of Cabela’s hunting and fishing games since i am collecting them.
Cabela’s African Safari there is things you need to be aware of before playing this game. There is a warning on epileptic seizures when exposed to certain light patterns or flashing lights or backgrounds on television screen or while playing video game, including games played on Playstation 2 console. It may induce an epileptic seizure in these indivuals. Please consult your doctor before playing this game. It just a safety precaution.
There is different missions you can choose from to do. First is the Safari Hunt is where you have so many days and time limit to complete the mission. Second mission is called Instant Hunt will start you on any mission with any animal. You will be able to track and hunt on your own. Third mission called Open Safari mission is a way for you to go back and hunt certain animals you enjoy hunting. You first must complete the regular Safari Hunt in order to play this mission. Fourth mission is called Big Five where you will be able to go in and choose from any one of the Big Five such as the lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino, or elephant. You will immediately hunt that animal you choose. Last mission is Windshooting. This is where you only shoot african birds of all kinds.
I have played all these mission. i have really enjoyed playing the African Safari with all the challenges it has. The adventures are awesome to see in a game. I am very sure you will like playing this game as well. Check out other Cabela’s playstation 2 games. There is alot of Cabela’s games out in the market.
I wish you luck in playing Cabela’s African Safari. Become one of the best hunter in africa.