Buying Gear- My Shopping Tips for Paintballers

When buying Paintball gear you must realize a few very important things to stay on track and safe through out your Paintballing years. Remember to always ask your self for a budge… “How much am I willing to spend on Paintball?” By asking this question you will become more aware of whether or not you want to spend your savings on the high end gear. Not that you have to but you should always believe in building up your inventory versus blowing hundreds of dollars on gear that may only be used a little bit. So when you begin this process you need to determine how much you can spend and how much you will be playing.

Most weekend players only require the bare minimum but want the most for their buck. If you fall in this category then you simply look into a good/beginner marker and the essentials. A nice high end jersey with any kind of paintballing pants and a basic mask should keep you looking intimidating and experienced through out the day. If you are more of a woods ball player, grab some cheap cameo and jeans with a basic mask and a heavy duty paintball marker. Try out the series of Tippman’s they will supply you with great accuracy through out the day. Don’t forget to always invest in a comfortable mask and one of your likings. Most players upgrade them last but with out a good working mask, you will be limited in your abilities against your enemy.

Furthermore, Intermediate to Pro players usually has a much greater increased inventory/closet do to their experience and willingness to pay. Their gear set usually refers to a carbon fiber tank around $150, a high end marker from $400-$1,000 or above. Not only these but a mask like the dye i4 around $100 and a full uniform set including gloves around $200 to above. Not only this but money is also spend on electronic hoppers like Halos from around $50- $175. Smaller gear components contain materials like headbands, hopper crowns and paint its self making this sport a very expensive sport for the people that want to play at higher levels.

With this in mind you can clearly see how the sport can later become only a hobby due to its major costly products but this factor can be ignored in respect to the name of the game because of it’s excitement and fun it brings to the sports category. With the help of the consumers this sport/hobby can be one of the many that will grow and reproduce through out the world. Buying gear of this nature requires a balance in you budget and a mindset of ether pro, intermediate, weekend player or hobbyist. These are the keys of a successful buying guide and you must never for get how to use them or your wallet may take a beating through out your years of playing this one of a kind sport.