Buying and Wearing Jeans; A Helpful Guide

We all wear them. However, do we purchase the correct ones and do we wear them properly? This article reviews how to purchase and wear jeans correctly.

If you have to use a shoe horn to put your jeans on, something isn’t right. We have all seen individuals that just do not look good in jeans. The good news is that everyone can look good. You just have to wear the right ones and you have to wear them with good taste.

Wearing jeans is nothing more than minimizing imperfection and maximizing your body assets. Before you leave home to go shopping, you should measure both your waist, inseam and hips. For some, measuring their hips can seem offensive. Doing it at home though can prevent some embarrassment. Use the store clerk. Clerks that specialize in jean stores can assist you and save you many hours in the dressing room.

Fitting Tips
If you want to avoid a “saggy crotch”, avoid wearing your jeans too low on your hips. Know your body. If you have lots of curves, avoid skinny jeans. Assess your backside. If you are conscientious about your hips, avoid jeans with the back pockets. The opposite is true if you want to exploit them. Purchase the jeans with the flap on the back pocket.

Boot cuts are also important. Slim jeans have tighter and shorter cuts. If you have larger hips, go with regular boot cuts. The days of bell bottoms and flairs are over. However, most jeans provide just the right size boot cut for the fit.

Take a Good Look
Try them on. Do not assume anything. Each pair of jeans has it’s own personality. Everything from sizes to color shades are important. If you have a special shirt or top that you enjoy wearing with your jeans, bring it along.

Wear them with your shoes on. This will help give you a better evaluation of your jeans. You don’t want jeans that you will be stepping on as you walk. Heals make a difference for both women and men. You always want to show off a good pair of shoes.

Use the mirror. Mirrors do not lie. You can quickly tell if the jeans you are trying on are for you. If you are lucky, you won’t have to leave your private changing room. Ask others what they think. Don’t get mad if they are truthful. The final result is what you really look like.

Keep your Receipt
Often when you get home, you might discover a flaw in your garment. You can easily exchange your jeans for another pair.

A nice pair of jeans can go a long way in enhancing your appearance. However, it is important to have a pair that fits correctly and has fashionable taste.