Buy Cologne Correctly

No matter what your race, height, weight, or personality, every man has a scent that’s best for them. Whether you’re going on a date or like to smell good daily, there is a cologne that is just for you. Choosing a cologne should be as woman shopping for makeup. Women can’t choose whatever makeup that looks good; they have to choose the makeup that looks best with their skin. You can’t choose whatever fragrance is popular and not every fragrance that smells good means that it’ll smell good on you. You have to choose the fragrance that smells best on you. Here are tips & tricks on how to choose the cologne that is best for you.

Use Women

If you’re buying cologne to impress women then use they’re opinion to help choose your fragrance. If you have a girlfriend then you definitely want her to choose your fragrance because after all its your girlfriend whom you want to impress…right? Most stores that sell majority of fragrances have female employees. So if you’re not shy, ask for a female employee what does she suggest. Most likely she will state the fragrance her boyfriend wears or whatever cologne is selling the most but that may not be the fragrance for you, still you can contemplate her advice.

Use Magazines

Many magazines such as GQ have fragrance samples for men. I found my signature fragrance which is I Am King by Sean John by smelling a sample in a GQ magazine. My ex-girlfriend bought Euphoria by Calvin Klein by smelling a sample in a magazine. You don’t have to waste money by buying the magazine, just go to the store and browse through them, no one will fret by you smelling a page. Just do it swiftly before people start to think you’re mentally retarded by sniffing a page for a long time.

Test on Yourself

Every fragrance store has those skinny papers to smell the fragrances on, but a knowledgeable employee would tell the customers to try the fragrance on their skin because it will have a different smell on your skin than on a piece of paper. You shouldn’t buy a cologne merely because it smells good on paper because it might have a different reaction on your skin. You may be allergic to it and not cognizant it until you put it on before your date, and then you’ll be scratching antiquated skin cells in your pasta. Bet you won’t go on another date with that woman again.

Use Coffee Beans

What does coffee beans have to do with shopping for fragrances? Coffee beans will make a distinction in your fragrant shopping experience because when you smell a few fragrances simultaneously your nostrils will be filled with different smells which can make a good smelling cologne smell horrible because you’re sniffing it with other scents in your nose. Any legit fragrance store will have a bowl of coffee beans to clear your nostrils, take a swift and get back to browsing.

Neck & Wrists

When you find your signature fragrance, you need to know how to wear it. Merely spray once on your neck and once on your wrist and rub them together. If you have a good quality cologne then that is enough squirts to last a few hours and if you deliberate to be close to a woman then she should still be able to smell your fragrance all day. Too many men think they need to spray their cologne on their clothes and back to make it last long. They’re merely overpowering the smell and their date can’t get close to them without being smothered with chemicals. I spray my cologne once on my neck and on my wrists, and I get many compliments all day.

Now, you know the key factors in shopping and wearing cologne. Get out there and find your fragrance and watch the compliments pour in.